Clutter, Cheap Superfoods, Dairy, & Depression

With the start of January, we were all ready to get rid of some bad habits, start some healthy new ones, and have a laugh. Our most popular posts from the month reflected just that. Clutter, scary ingredients, dairy, prescription drugs, and bad eating habits were all on our list of things to avoid, while amazing spices and cheap superfoods were on our shopping list. And, of course, we all need a little laughter: crazy home amenities and commonly misused words completed the list. Here’s the roundup of our top stories from January, in case you missed any of these great posts the first time around!

#10: Problem-Eating Patterns

Ever sit down at your desk with a lunch, check your e-mail, and look down to find nothing but crumbs? Or snack on some chips in front of the television, only to find the whole bag empty, moments later? People’s caloric intake can balloon by up to 71 percent when they eat in front of the tube, researchers have found. Read about mindless eating, and four other dangerous food habits, that can take a serious toll on your health — and what you can do to prevent them.

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#9: Health Foods for Cheap

Most of us aren’t interested in paying $25 dollars for a bag for “miracle-working” berries. Here are 15 health-boosting foods that are easy to find and easy on the wallet.

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#8: Wanted: Excessive Home Amenity to Show Off Wealth

Wine cellars, swimming pools and home movie theaters? Those are so ten years ago! Today’s mega-rich are moving bigger and better things into their mansions, including soda fountains, dance clubs, and even shooting ranges.

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#7: The Other Drug Problem

The prescriptions we take to regulate cholesterol, blood pressure and stomach acid are supposed to make us healthier. But could these medications be doing us more harm than good? Many doctors rely on pharmaceutical reps and materials for the latest information on treatment options. And they’re inundated with reports — that may or may not be credible — about the latest research. Clinical studies designed to prove the efficacy of a certain drug have inherent limitations, particularly as it relates to examining safety.

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#6: Healing Spices

Need digestive health? Add some coriander. Inflammation? Bring on the turmeric. Say good-bye to bland food, and introduce your meals to these 5 healing spices.

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#5: Unhappiness Factors

There’s no set formula for happiness, but those of us who are the most unhappy tend to have a few things in common. If you’re looking to find peace, balance, and joy in your life, here’s what NOT to do. Hint: hating your job and a long commute aren’t helping.

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#4: Milk: Yay or Nay?

This post really got you guys talking. In response to the USDA’s new MyPlate guide for healthy eating, Harvard issued its own guide, stating “The Healthy Eating Plate is based exclusively on the best available science and was not subjected to political and commercial pressures from food industry lobbyists.” The main difference between the two? Harvard’s guide does not include dairy. What do you think – do we need dairy to be healthy?

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#3: Linguistic Bloopers

Question: Is this woman perusing this magazine? It turns out that peruse actually means to read thoroughly, rather than to skim casually. Who knew? What other words are commonly used in a way that is contrary to their original meaning? Read the list to find out!

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#2: Scary Ingredients

Our bathrooms and the products we use daily can be a minefield of scary chemicals. Use this list to check your products for the worst offenders.

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#1: Common Clutter

One thing that topped our resolutions this year was getting rid of clutter. Getting rid of old magazines and out-of-date food seems straightforward enough, but what about the sneakier stuff, like kitchen utensils you never use? Or way too many coffee mugs? Check out this handy list of 18 things we all seem to have too much of.

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