Coffee, Toads, Dark Chocolate and the Oil Spill – Weekly Highlights

What a week it has been! First, the good news: Dark chocolate has more iron than beef? Really?!? Read all about it and then go indulge!

And what about coffee? Good, bad, or in-between? Check out Coffee Love: What’s Your Type?

Also worth checking out, Jake’s post on Calcium. Did you know that Collard Greens Have More Calcium Than Milk? Time to eat your greens!

Most of us would like to stay young – or at least look young – for as long as possible. For those of us trying to live a Healthy & Green lifestyle, Botox and facelifts just aren’t on the agenda. Thank goodness for Michelle Schoffro Cook’s article on twelve fabulous anti-aging weapons.

This week wasn’t just about food and nutrition though. We also had toads, pigeons and much, much more!

Whether you believe that toads are princes in disguise or merely relatives of frogs, check out Could This Toad Save Your Life? and add to the more than 400 comments on the post.

And do you know the truth behind pigeons? Read about The Secrets of Pigeons.

Now for some not so great news, but more really great articles…

Do you live in one of the Top 10 Countries Killing the Planet? Find out now.

In our latest post on the oil spill, get Sustainable Dave’s perspective in ‘Who’s Really to Blame for the BP Oil Spill?’

And be sure to check Care2 Healthy & Green Living’s great weekend content, including the Secret to a Long Life, Hidden Chemicals in Popular Perfumes, and a fabulous Book Giveaway!

Happy Weekend and Happy Reading!


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