Coffee Won’t Dehydrate You, New Study Finds

Coffee drinkers everywhere have cause to celebrate, once they’ve gotten on their caffeine buzz. A new study shows that coffee doesn’t dehydrate your after all.

Though many have spoken up about the benefits of coffee, it was thought that many people’s favorite caffeine source was the enemy of those who wanted to stay well-hydrated. The new research, published in PLOS ONE proves that is not the case.

“Despite a lack of scientific evidence, it is a common belief that coffee consumption can lead to dehydration and should be avoided, or reduced, in order to maintain a healthy fluid balance,” said lead author of the study Sophie Killer in a statement.

Researchers from the University of Birmingham School of Sport and Exercise Sciences studied the effects of moderate coffee consumption and equal amounts of water consumption on 50 participants, all of whom were men.

The study was divided into two phases. For the first, the men were asked to drink either four mugs of coffee or water a day for three days. In the second phase, the men were asked to switch to the other beverage for three days. The phases were separated by 10 days for a “wash out” period.

After scientists analyzed the subjects’ body mass and total body water, blood, and urine, they found no link between moderate coffee consumption and dehydration.

Killer also said, “Our research aimed to establish if regular coffee consumption, under normal living conditions, is detrimental to the drinker’s hydration status.”

According to these results, it’s not. Not only did the study show that coffee does not cause dehydration when consumed in moderate amounts, it also showed that coffee can contribute to a person’s daily fluid needs.

So break out your favorite roast and your cherished coffee mug. If you need a pick-me-up in the morning, or really any time of day, it appears you could make a lot worse choice than coffee.


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Bea W.
Bea Wilson4 years ago

Rejoice coffee lovers!! Now you can really enjoy your cup of brew. Do you need to go out to the trash bin to get that coffeemaker or coffee bean grinder or expresso machine before the trash person gets there? Too late? Be thankful for Starbucks or any coffee place because they're waiting to take your money. Wait a minute! How about instant coffee?

Joel Romp
Joel R5 years ago


Brian M.
Past Member 5 years ago

Great news about coffee.

Debbie Miller
Debbie Miller5 years ago

I am not convinced but thankfully although I love and do drink some coffee it's not much so no worries for me! But it's always good to keep oneself well hydrated... and stick to 2 or less cups of coffee a day, IMO.

june t.
reft h5 years ago

Good to know

Janet C.
Past Member 5 years ago

Organic coffee is my morning drink of choice...and with all of it's health benefits it will remain so :-)

Mike Pattison
Mike Pattison5 years ago

I LOVE my coffee !!!!!

Aleisha D.
Aleisha D5 years ago

thanks for posting :)

Rose Wild
rose wild5 years ago

You should all go click to donate! : )

Jaime A.
Jaime A5 years ago

Thanks, a coffee lover.!!