Every coincidence becomes an opportunity for creativity. Every coincidence becomes an opportunity for you to become the person the universe intended you to be.

This is the ultimate truth of synchrodestiny – that the sum total of the universe is conspiring to create your personal destiny. To do so it uses “acausal nonlocal connections.” What are acausal connections? If we look at all the disparate incidents in our lives very deeply, they all have a history woven together with a personal destiny. Acausal means that the incidents are connected to each other, yet without a direct cause-and-effect relationship, at least on the surface. They are acausal, from a Latin phrase meaning “without cause.”

We cannot even imagine the complex forces behind every event that occurs in our lives. There’s a conspiracy of coincidences that weaves the web of karma or destiny and creates an individual’s personal life – mine, or yours. The only reason we don’t experience synchronicity in our daily lives is that we do not live from the level where it is happening.

Usually we see only cause-and-effect relationships: this causes that, which causes this, which causes that – linear trajectories. Yet beneath the surface something else is happening. Invisible to us is a whole web of connections. As it becomes apparent, we see how our intentions are woven into this web, which is much more context-bound, much more relational, much more holistic, much more nurturing than our surface experience.

Coincidences are like road flares, calling our attention to something important in our lives, glimpses of what goes on beyond everyday distractions. We can choose to ignore those flares and hurry on, or we can pay attention to them and live out the miracle that is waiting for us.

Adapted from The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, by Deepak Chopra (Three Rivers Press).


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Thank you for sharing.

Paula G.
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A coincidence is a coincidence.

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Jewels S.
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My life has improved since I have learned to pay attention to coincidences. My fav book is "Celestine prophecy"

Betty C.
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Interesting thoughts.

Marilyn L.
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I never have believed in coincidences. Things happen for a reason. When we don't listen, the Universe has it's ways of making us pay attention.

I wonder why I keep learning everything the hardway. LOL At least the Universe hasn't given up on me.

Loo Samantha
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thanks for sharing.