Confessions From A Crazy Pet Parent

April 28 is National Pet Parent’s Day®. VPI Pet Insurance started celebrating the holiday five years ago to help honor people with pets who consider them part of our family. I have to admit, even though my dogs are my family, I don’t often think of myself as a pet parent. I just think I’m a very dedicated dog lover. But, the truth is, I go to the ends of the earth for my dogs and pets I don’t even know. And, I confess, I can be a little obsessive about the care of my dogs. Call me crazy, but I’ve done all of these in the past week:

  • I got stung by a bee and was happy it was me and not one of my dogs.

    Playtime with Gina after agility

  • I ate my meal outside in the cold shade, so that Sanchez didn’t have to be in the sun.
  • I set my alarm for 4:30 am on a Saturday and drove two hours to an agility trial with Gina.
  • With my dogs in the car, I drove around for five minutes looking for parking. When I finally found a spot, it was near noisy construction, so I set out to look for another parking spot.
  • After driving for an hour, I was five minutes from home when I remembered that I was out of raw dog food. I turned around and drove an extra twenty minutes, round trip, to the pet supply store.
  • I took at least 50 100 pictures of my dogs on my iPhone.
  • I sent dozens of those pictures in texts to dog-loving friends.
  • I went to a Pet Parent’s appreciation event at Google.
  • I played the piano for my dogs.
  • I drove around for an extra ten minutes, to find the perfect shady spot for my dogs.
  • When I found the shady spot, I left calming canine music playing for them after I parked.
  • I took my dogs to several dog-friendly stores.

Are you a dedicated pet parent? Have others called you crazy because of all you do for your pets? If so, what are some of the things you do that others may consider a little “over the top”? Thanks for fessing up in a comment below.

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Thank you for the article.

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my pets are a big part of my life too, the best part

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thanks for sharing :)

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You´re not crazy ...!! Liza , you are a beautiful person !! Thank you.

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