Connecting to Divine Messages

by Steffany Barton of Angel’s Insight, ATH Sponsor of Intuition & Symbols on

Connecting with your guidance is natural and normal, practical and purposeful. We are joined with spirit in all ways.

The first step in accessing the wisdom of your spirit, your angels, and your spirit guides is to consciously choose to open to divine inspiration. Finding a peaceful place in the mind and a willing space in the heart to be guided, instructed, or illuminated creates the optimal conditions. Get quiet and get guided.

I encourage you to think about the places, circumstances, and general surroundings in which you find that letting your guard down is easy and distractions are few.

Then, take it one step further. Create, replicate, anchor these conditions in your mind, so that your receptivity and recognition of the guidance you receive is not contingent on circumstances but a deliberate and conscious choice of will. Connecting to spirit is inevitable, but being open to the connection is most certainly a choice! You are here to choose Love.

Explore tools that are available to heighten your perception of the subtle of energy of spirit. Donít become reliant upon the tools, or believe the tools give you a connection; rather allow them to inspire you. Remember, though, ultimately, all that is required to receive guidance is the readiness to be guided.

Next, receive. I have fun, effective, and easy way to recognize and receive messages from my angels and guides. When Iím meditating, I ask my spirit helpers to


I want to SEE numbers, colors, animals, dreams, symbols, and signs that communicate clearly to me the information I need to know.

I want to HEAR the voice of spirit, songs, music, conversations, information that will guide me.

I want to SENSE, through my body, palpable reminders that I am on the path to love. This can include chills, warmth, ringing in the ears, opening of the heart, or other bodily sensations.

I want to FEEL with my heart the way a healthy choice will feel to me so that I can make healthy choices. To find my way, I want to feel the way. I want to feel love.

I want to KNOW with clarity and certainty the guidance that comes to me. I want to recognize it without doubt and accept it with confidence.

Ask your guides, ďGIVE ME A HIGH FIVE!Ē

Then let it come!

Finally, accept and integrate the information. Once the messages come forth, patiently allow time and space to process and apply, practice and act on the guidance. This is the art of intuition; becoming fluid with and fluent in Spiritís language. Activating intuition requires this action step; Spirit leads as you follow your heart home.

So open, receive, integrate. You ARE connected to Love.

Steffany Barton, RN, is a premier psychic medium, spiritual teacher and author who is highly sought after for her angel readings. Part of Steffany’s mission is to demystify the spiritual and psychic arts. Through public demonstrations of her work as a medium, along with her classes and workshops, she works to provide individuals with spiritual experiences based in scientific fact. Steffany holds a degree as a Registered Nurse and is also certified in past life regression and hypnotherapy and is a Karuna Reiki Master. She is the author of two books: Wonder Wings and Angels Insight. For more information please visit her website

You’re not alone in this world. Each of us have personal angels and spirit guides reaching out to us. They seek to help further our growth, answer questions, and guide us on our path. Experience their love and wisdom with Angel’s InSight. Welcome home.


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by Steffany Barton of Angel's InSight, Contributor to Intuition & Symbols on


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im a great believer of synchronicity and numerology...and my spirit guide helps me with life through these means....i always know when they visit as they leave a small white flower close by....i always feel connected to grace and one thing we should always remember to do is thank them for their work ...thanks for sharing