Controlling Your Pain

Pain is unfortunately a part of many people’s daily lives. Here are several goals that might help you to better control your pain:


  • Keep track of your pain for a month. Note when it occurs, how severe it is and what makes it better or worse.
  • Make an appointment with your doctor specifically to discuss your pain issues and how to manage them.
  • Try a few sessions of acupuncture or massage, one session per week.
  • If you’re using pain medication, ask your doctor whether you can take it earlier in the day to stay ahead of the pain.
  • If you tend to be too active or if your pain gets worse with a lot of activity, set aside time every day to take a break and rest.
  • Try applying a hot or cold pack for 20 minutes every day to see if it helps.


  • Consider scheduling a consultation with a doctor who specializes in treating pain.
  • Exercise most days of the week, including both aerobic conditioning and strength training in your workouts.
  • If sleep or mood is an issue, take specific steps to address it.
  • If your doctor orders physical therapy or other treatments, follow through with the recommendation.

    Adapted from Super Healing: The Clinically Proven Plan to Maximize Recovery From Illness or Injury by Julie K. Silver, MD (Rodale, 2007).


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Very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

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Dale Overall

Interesting article, pain is often a terrible and unpleasant experience and finding ways to distract oneself sometimes is helpful at times especially if I am in a lovely natural environment. If one undergoes chronic pain then there are many things one can try. My arthritic pain went away when practicing Tai Chi which is a very slow and graceful exercise-after several weeks all my pain went away which was surprising.

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