Cook-to-Cook: Plum Brulee

My Scottish-born and raised friend, Judith Asphar, is a wonderful cook.
She invited me over for dinner recently and offered roasted plums for
dessert. They were divine, and I asked her for the recipe, which is
below. Her preferred plums are the small, organic loose-stoned dark Italian plums that have “that wonderful bloom on them, and yellow gold flesh,” or those that are half apricot/half plum.

Wash, slice, or quarter the plums (as you many as you need–figure about 2-3 per person), and put them in a shallow baking dish. Sprinkle with organic brown sugar and maybe a few little dots of organic butter here and there if you want to make the dish a little richer.

Place the dish with the plums in it under a hot broiler for a few minutes, keeping an eye on it, and when it begins to caramelize and brown, stir the fruit and give it another few minutes. Serve with ice cream, or whatever you like, or a shortbread cookie (The Duchy Original organic ginger shortbread cookies, by Walkers of Aberiour, are delicious and would be a great combination).

You can also substitute peaches, oranges, ripe pears, and probably berries, for that matter, in this recipe.

By Judith Asphar.


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