Could Video Games Help Kids with Autism Exercise?

The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) at Galveston released a study that found a novel and promising way to improve the fitness of children living with autism. This study looked at the impact of “exergaming,” a nickname given to a growing subset of video games that focus on the physical activity of gamers.

This study focused on Makoto Arena, which actually describes itself as a “life-changing tool” when used as a “therapy device.” While the nearly $15 thousand price tag for the device and size make it unsuitable for most homes, the device could easily be added to many therapeutic and medical facilities.

Per the UTMB:

“Through the use of the exergame called the Makoto arena, researchers showed improvement in response speed, executive function and motor skills among children with ASD. The research was conducted with 17 subjects with an autism diagnosis over 30 sessions for over 1,800 total attempts to hit the targets. The International Journal for Sports and Exercise Medicine recently published the findings.”

According to Claudia Hilton, an author of the study, researchers believe “that the exertion of participating in this type of game helps to improve the neural connections in the brains of these children.”

The UTMB hopes to secure funding to study a larger group of children in hopes of further confirming and understanding the results. As the university notes, children with autism often decline in physical activity over time and struggle with obesity at a rate that outpaces other children.

Hilton called the Makoto study “exciting” because it overcame the difficulty often found in helping children with autism to engage in physically exerting activities.

Video games have been unfairly targeted due to cultural stigma, despite the evidence for their possible health benefits at a broad spectrum of life stages. From brain activity in seniors to helping children focus in schools, video games may have a more useful role in our lives than we’ve yet acknowledged.

Studies like the one conducted by UTMB show an important step toward the recognition of creative and effective therapies for children that have been previously ignored because of unfounded assumptions and prejudices about emerging technologies.

Let’s hope this study receives the funding necessary to move forward and fully explore the possible benefits of exergaming on children living with autism.

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Jean R
Jean R2 years ago

Yes!! They do work to improve mental skills. A study has proved that a child playing video games helps to improve the neural connections in the brains, and are quite much more intelligent than the normal one. As a parent, we should take initiative to allow kids to play video games like Pokemon sun, which are easily available on sites like

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Thank you for sharing.

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Interesting, thanks!

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Neville B.
Neville B3 years ago

Another missed-off post - glad I checked back! Thanks Care2 : (

A lot of the kids I work with respond well to tv and video-games, though there's often issues within those responses. However, the more options we have to encourage stimulus, interaction and progression the better. If there's a software mechanic out there who can sort out a communal split-screen (say x 4) wii 'game' it would be appreciated.

Paulinha Russell
Paulinha Russell3 years ago

Thank you

RK Henry
RK R3 years ago

Appropriate video games teach as well as provide multi avenues of learning. Can't hurt.