Cow that Fled Slaughterhouse Survives Again

A cow called Molly B became a news sensation some years ago when she jumped over a five foot fence to flee from certain death at a slaughterhouse. She led police and animal control officers on a wild cow chase in a small town, and then swam across a river to elude them. A song titled the Ballad of Molly B summarizes the indomitable survival story, and includes a slide show, which shows her running from authorities and crossing the river. Later she was caught and tranquilized.

Eventually employees at the meat packing plant voted nearly unanimously to let her go free, and not be turned into hamburger. (Who voted against?) Molly B was relocated to an animal sanctuary in Montana, but recently that center went under, and Molly B was again left to her own survival instinct. “Molly B made it OK. She’s a tough old broad. She had bad feet, but she was not anywhere near as bad as some of the others,” said Jerry Finch who was involved in the rescue. (Source: Google News) Some animals at the crumbling animal sanctuary were in such a state they had to be euthanized.

Today she has been moved to a new animal center, the New Dawn Farm Sanctuary, which is also in Montana. It was started and is run by a retired couple, who have given up vacations and travel. They spend all their retirement money on taking care of the small farm for the animals. They paid for the stables, gates, fences and sheds once and now have food and maintenance costs to cover each month. Donations are accepted. One of the owners converted to a vegetarian diet, and founded a vegetarian group in Western Montana so people have a place to exchange food, recipes and information. They meet in Missoula once a month. Molly B is safe on the vegetarian farm now, with no slaughterhouse in sight.

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W. C6 months ago

Thank you.

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Mary E4 years ago

Yay! Another happy ending :) with so much depressing news it is so nice to read something that makes me smile from time to time- thank you for sharing and the smile :)

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Tanja Zilker5 years ago

good news, thanks!

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Susan S5 years ago

This video is very heartwarming and reminds me why I love animals so much and became vegetarian.

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Let them go and everyone should be able to see what is happening in the slaughter houses. You are consumers. You have the right!!

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Nimue, who was Molly Brown?

Teresa Wlosowicz
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good news