Cozy Up With an Eco-Blanket

With winter in full effect, nothing’s cozier than snuggling up to a crackling fire (or radiator, urbanites) in style, wrapped in a warm blanket. Available at, Ratzer’s unique Tracks Plaid throw is as soft as it is chic.

No harsh chemicals were used on the blanket, and all soaps and spinning oils applied in the manufacturing process are biodegradable. And, to make yourself even more comfortable, know that this product was certified by KbT for its demeter-quality wool and Eco-Tex standard 100 for its sewing thread and polyester label. So, feel free to warm up to the possibilities of adding this piece to your home.

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I like to switch some of my curtains from light and airy to heavy and cozy. And I bring out the boot tray and the basket of slippers I've collected for guests. Definitely switching decorative pillows. This year I want to make some cable-knit covers from old sweaters.