Create A Healing Personal Sanctuary: 7 Easy Steps

Don’t we all crave a wonderfully healing personal space, where we can sit and just feel happy? Good news: it is quite easy to create such a space for yourself, without too much fuss or a long shopping list. If you do have even a small room that can play sanctuary, why not make it your retreat from the world, daily or weekly as you like?

In this space, you can be you! Yoga, self-massage, meditation, or just sitting in silence…this is totally your world, where for a few moments or hours,  no one can burden you with chores, questions, expectations.

I am sharing some simple steps toward creating your haven of calm. Of course, you can add your own elements to deepen the experience.

Choose the right color scheme: the goal is to create serenity, so the color of the walls and furnishings  in your ‘comfort zone’ should be soft and cool. Blue and green recall elements from Nature, while white is symbolic of peace. The ‘hot color’ family of yellows, oranges and reds can distract you from your quest for stillness.

Tune up the temperature: when the body is uncomfortable, the mind cannot relax. So, open up the window to let in some fresh breeze when the weather is warm. In winter, make sure the room is cozy.

Stock up the room: if you are sitting in your healing space worrying about having to go out to get water, you won’t be able to relax. Keep a jug of water and a glass handy. Tissues, soft rugs, linens—whatever you tihnk you might require soon should be close at hand here.

Keep it clutter free:  Stack up your massage oils, gels and towels neatly on shelves, rather than having them all over the place. Perhaps you would like to read a book here. Why not? Keep some of your favorite reads on those shelves, too. A ‘tea or coffee corner’ for post-relaxation sipping is also a wonderful idea!

Bring in a touch of green. Plants bring you close to Nature and lift the energy in your room. Fresh flowers add to the sense of calm and joy.

Add positive energy with Feng Shui: the ancient Chinese art of design and placement suggests several simple ways to feel calmer yet more energetic. Try hanging a bamboo flute in the room for harmony. A fountain or aquarium placed near the entrance encourages progress.

Harness the power of scents: Aromatherapy is a powerful way to heal the senses. A diffuser powered by candlelight is a simple but effective tool for filling up the room with your favorite calming scents. Among the most relaxing aromas are jasmine, lavender and rose.

Wish you serenity!




Elena T.
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Thank you :)

Sarah Morris
Sarah Morris4 years ago

It is easier to stress than it is to relax int his modern world, taking time out for yourself is essential! And made so much easier with a personal space like this. Thank you for sharing :)

Fi T.
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Take the time out

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Thank you!

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Fred Hoekstra4 years ago

Thank you Shubhra for Sharing this!

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Great. Wish I knew this when I was a teenager.

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