Create a Holiday Window Box

It can be hard to know what to do with a window box as the weather gets colder. So, the editors of Gardenista turned to Erin Boyle for some inspiration. Instead of planting her winter window box, she takes a different approach: She decorates it. Here’s how:

Photographs by Erin Boyle for Gardenista.

Above: Erin incorporated fresh wintry trimmings to spruce up her box for the holidays.

Above: For a variety of colors and textures, Erin took clippings from umbrella pine branches, cedar trees, and holly bushes and gathered as many pine cones as she could find. If you donít happen to have a place nearby where you can forage for wintry clippings, she recommends trying out your local local flower shop or Christmas tree lot.

Above: She kept the soil in her window box and trimmed her vinca vines for the winter. Large clippings from white pine or cedar trees make a good first layer. For snipping and cutting, the Tajika Flower Shears come in handy.

Above: Erin made sure to bury the very ends of her clippings in an effort to help them stay green for as long as possible.

Above: After the first layer of pine and cedar, Erin tucked pine cones into bare spots and stuck shorter holly clippings vertically into the dirt to help anchor the larger branches and pine cones. The result is festive for the holidays and makes for good protection for the soil during the long winter. To see Erin’s window box during the warmer months, visit A Window Box Grows in Brooklyn.





Les M.
Les M5 years ago

this is especially nice when looking out your window and there's no other green - no leaves, no grass, no flowers.

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Very nice!

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Beautiful and great ideas. thanks

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