Create a Structure for Your Success

Many of us spend our days thinking, talking, dreaming about what our lives could be like “if only. . .” We make resolutions, we follow a new diet, we start exercise routines–and then we give up, get too busy, and forget about what’s truly important to us.

Here are fifteen questions that can help you to create a structure that supports your true success. You can begin the rest of your life–successfully!–right now:

1. What is my vision?

2. What two goals will support me in moving toward my vision?

3. By when do I want to achieve these goals?

4. What is the exact scope of each goal? What is involved in their fulfillment?

5. What are the important milestones along the way to reaching these goals?

6. By when will I achieve these milestones?

7. What skills do I already have that will support me in reaching these goals?

8. What skills will I need to develop in order to reach these goals?

9. What assistance or support will I need?

10. How much of my time will be required on a daily or weekly basis?

11. How will I schedule this into my calendar?

12. What are the “No Cookie Zones” (fruitless time-wasting or self-sabotaging behaviors) that I need to watch out for?

13. Whom will I ask to hold me accountable for keeping my word and staying on track?

14. What are the consequences of not following my plan?

15. What is the reward for following my plan and achieving my goals?

Adapted from The Best Year of Your Life, by Debbie Ford (HarperSanFrancisco, 2005). Debbie Ford will appear in person at the Omega Being Fearless Conference, 3/31-4/2. For information:


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Interesting article.

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This Checklist was very helpful. I have been so lost since my mother died in December, that I can't seem to get my bearings, to do anything. Everything seems so vastly overwhelming, that I don't know where to begin. This article gives me some places to start. Thanks.

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Vallee Rose
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I am on disability and used to always have goals. This is a great reminder! I have sort-of buried myself with Care2 lately, though within the site I have set goals. Thanks again.

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I run a Project Management site ( ), and almost all the points in your article are actually applied in the Project Management realm.