Create An Instant Living Room Sofa

Spotted on The Coveteur: the use of camp cots as additional seating in the 1960s-inspired the Parisian loft of fashion design couple Jerome Dreyfuss and Isabel Marant. Recreate the look with the following pieces.

Above: Dreyfuss’ colorful and bohemian loft. On The Coveteur, he says: “For my house, I always have been inspired by California. It is filled with pieces from the 60′s and books about architecture.”

Above: A well-priced and sturdy option is the canvas and wood Maine Heritage Cot by Byer of Maine; $99.50.

Above: Any army blanket will add warmth and texture; here the Rothco Olive Drab Wool Blanket can be sourced from Camping Survival; $19.99

Above: For color, Crate & Barrel’s Brinkley 18-Inch Pillows are made from double-ply, hand-dyed cotton in a variety of shades like moss, mustard, denim, and red; $24.95.

What are your DIY living room ideas? Visit Remodelista‘s Design Sleuth posts for more inspiration on how to incorporate comfort and style into your home.



Alisha F.
Alisha F.5 years ago

I like all information that you provide in your articles.
corner sofas

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson6 years ago

doesnt look to comfy...

Past Member
Christine W6 years ago

Thanks for sharing!

Als S.
Alysia S6 years ago


Nils Lunde
PlsNoMessage se6 years ago


Pamela W.
Pam W6 years ago

Sorry, but that looks to be very uncomfortable! Ouch, I can feel it digging into my legs just thinking about it!

rene davis
irene davis6 years ago

better out on a patio!

Linda Hudson
Linda Hudson6 years ago

think with some thought I could come up with a litle sturdy idea like using old door for base & lots of blankets pillows etc or using crates they use at grocery stores or old surf board for love seat see ideas r endless

Miranda Parkinson

better out on a patio!

Magdalen B.
Magdalen B6 years ago

I'm sure it would tip over easily.