Creative Handmade Gift Ideas

This holiday season, ditch the idea of driving to the dreaded mall, and create something special and handmade for your friends and family. You’ll have fun creating these gifts, and the recipients will love opening them. Plus, they all utilize recycled materials!

1. Make a Reusable Bag or Basket

Who doesn’t like having a cute, reusable bag to carry to the store or farmers market? You can make bags out of old t-shirts and decorate them with buttons and more. You can also make baskets by weaving together strips of old newspapers. See Make a Reusable Bag or Basket to learn more.

2. Make Homemade Body Scrub

By using sugar and essential oils, you can whip together delectable body scrubs for a friend who needs some pampering. Store the scrubs in reused glass containers with any labels removed. Check out Tasteful Handmade Gifts for more details.

3. Make a Cutting Board

Do you live out in the country or know someone who does? Check around the property for downed trees– chances are there will be several. Saw off inch-thick pieces of wood from thick sections of limb, chisel off the bark, and get to work sanding and polishing the wood to make a beautiful, unique cutting board for a friend’s kitchen. You can do the same with smaller sized limbs to make coasters! See Homegrown, Homemade Cutting Board for additional tips.

For more inspiration, visit 25 Easy Homemade Gift Ideas. Good luck with your gift-making adventures! And if you have a favorite handmade gift you like to give for the holidays, please leave a comment and share it with everyone.

Photo by Fotolia/Aleksei Potov


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