Reimagine the Radish: 3 Creative Radish Recipes

The only thing I used to do with radishes is chop them up and put them in salads—usually green salads, but sometimes I’d get “crazy” and put them chopped in quinoa salad. But recently, a whole new world of radishes has opened up to me, and I’m starting to see the veggie in a new light. Here are three things you probably never thought to do with radishes (click on the numbered links for full recipes).

1. Maple Baked Radishes

Baking makes radishes taste milder and sweeter—and the maple is an unexpectedly nice flavor accompaniment (this recipe is pictured above). Try this dish especially if you don’t care for the hint of heat in some radishes.

2. Whole Radish Pasta

This recipe utilizes the radish and the (totally edible!) radish greens in a light, flavorful pasta. Mix this recipe up every time you make it by chopping and adding any veggies you have on hand.

3. Pink and Black Radish Bake

Black radishes are unusual treats, and this recipe has several fun presentation ideas you can try with them, such as creating a zebra effect. This is a simple recipe for baked radishes atop a spinach salad.

Do you have any favorite or unusual radish recipes? If so, please share them in the comments section below!

Photo by Tim Nauman

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Zo Z.
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Yay, glad to see radish greens features, they are really delicious. Here are a few more ideas:

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Delightful, can't wait to grow a new radish patch when the weather warms up!

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I've grown a new variety of radish every year for the last 5 radish sounds interesting and well worth trying to find.