Cutest Sound on the Planet? Squeaky Baby Sloths

Baby sloths are particularly adorable. And they squeak!

Wonder why baby sloths squeak? Read on…

“That noise is the perhaps the cutest on the planet. It goes straight for your ovaries and makes you want to protect the baby sloths. It actually quite possibly was designed to make you pay attention and want to nurture these baby animals. That peep sound is basically baby sloth for, ‘Help! I’m lost, where are you?’

In the wild baby sloths spend the first three to six months of their lives clinging to their mothers. If they are separated from their mothers, they make this noise so that mom can find them again. The babies in the video are orphans that I filmed at the Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary.

Each baby is partnered with a stuffed toy or another baby sloth so that they have a snuggle partner to hug for comfort. The babies in the video, are making this noise, because they have wandered away from their snuggle partner and need to find them.”

~ National Geographic Emerging Explorer Lucy Cooke, creator of Slothville

Warning: Brace yourself before watching these videos—they’re that cute.

But first…listen to this Green Divas Radio Show episode. It features Greg Laden, who talks to us about how climate change impacts wildlife.

Written by Green Diva Lynn Hasselberger

Can’t get enough?

Here are some more baby sloths from “The Steven Spielberg of Sloth Videos” Lucy Cooke…


Ashly T.
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Aww, so cute sloths!

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Poor little babies. Who are the monsters who killed their mothers?

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Makes me want to rush and protect them.

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sweet thank you

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thanks for sharing the baby sloth videos...they are so cute:)