Cutting Meat and Dairy Can Reduce Global Warming Gases Greatly

Researchers at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research recently found that reducing meat and dairy product consumption, combined with improvements in agricultural practices could reduce global warming gases by over eighty percent. Specifically, the two gases are methane and nitrous oxide, which can contribute to global warming more than carbon dioxide. This source states methane is twenty times more effective in trapping heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.

Nitrous oxide, traps even more heat in the atmosphere. According to the EPA, “Nitrous oxide is about 310 times more effective in trapping heat in the atmosphere than CO2 over a 100-year period. ”

Methane and nitrous oxides are generated by current agricultural practices. One source says, “According to the U.N., the meat, egg, and dairy industries account for a staggering 65 percent of worldwide nitrous oxide emissions. ”

The research calculations show the amount of gases like nitrous oxide and methane will rise until 2055 if food energy consumption and diet preferences remain at the same level they were in 1995. However, if efforts are made now to reduce consumption of meat and dairy by 25 percent each decade from 2015 to 2055, then the gases will decrease to 1995 levels or even less. Changes in agricultural practices could also reduce emissions of the gases. Combined with conscious consumer food choices, together they could reduce methane and nitrous oxide emissions by 84 percent by 2055, the researchers say.

Dr. Alexander Popp, of the Potsdam research institute said, “Meat and milk really matter”.

Image Credit: Cordey

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Natasha Salgado
Past Member 5 years ago

YES but mostly it will reduce all the farm animal suffering!!!! The meat industry is repulsive.

Past Member
Past Member 6 years ago

I am a vegetarian/vegan working daily to veganize my vegetarian meals and have them turn out just as good!

Past Member
Past Member 6 years ago

Please People Remember that there is alot of overfishing taking place in many parts of the world and alot of marine life and wildlife depend on this for most or all of their food source. So eating fish is not greener.

Allison Killion
Allison Killion7 years ago

gave up meat but sometimes, i gotta have my cottage cheese with my breakfast

Tanya G.
Tanya G7 years ago

Have been eating more fruits & fish more than meat lately even if the tastiness isn't the same.

Philippa P.
Philippa P7 years ago

I have given up meat and dairy.

catherine s.
catherine s7 years ago

Im becoming more mindful of my actions

Lika S.
Lika P7 years ago

I'm lactose intolerant. Interesting article. Thanks.

Diane Wayne
Past Member 7 years ago

Excellent idea! Particularly because of the (at least in America) extremely unhealthful ways that meats (and then of course milk products) are produced for market. This kind of greedy, unhealthy food production is just one of the ways businesses are working to increase their profit margins and destroy humanity.

Sean K.
Sean K7 years ago

You are more closer to the truth than one may believe.
Remeber we all come from the same source of Life, as animals do.
Think about that , and one would be inclined to ask, is this what I think of the Source of all Creativity?