Cutting Yourself Off From Awareness

People with vastly different visions of spirituality still have in common a quest for enlightenment. They want to be transformed by knowledge that flows directly from the sourceóthe fact that one person’s source is God while another’s is Brahman, Allah, Nirvana, or Being is a minor difference. What really divides us is keeping the doors of perception shut and living with lack of awareness.

We are multidimensional creatures, and a person can attain enlightenment in one area but not another. How are you cutting off your enlightened awareness?

Pure being: When this door is closed, we exist in separation.

Conditioned bliss: When this door is closed, life is joyless. Happiness is only a passing state.

Love: When this door is closed, life is heartless. We feel isolated in a gray world.

Knowingness: When this door is closed, the laws of nature are baffling. Knowledge is gained only through facts and limited personal experience.

Myth and archetypes: When this door is closed, there are no higher models, no heroes or gods, no passionate quests to pursue.

Intuition: When this door is closed, life loses its subtlety. The person lacks insight, has no flashes of brilliance.

Imagination: When this door is closed, the mind is devoid of fantasy. We see everything in literal terms.

Reason: When this door is closed, life makes no sense. We are ruled by random impulses.

Emotion: When this door is closed, feelings are frozen. There is little or no room for compassion and empathy.

Physical body: When this door is closed, life is all mental. The person feels that his or her body is inert, a dead weight to drag around. There is no “juice” to moving and acting in the world.

Adapted from The Book of Secrets, by Deepak Chopra (Three Rivers Press, 2004).


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devon leonard
Devon Leonard5 years ago

As always Deepak simply states what will benefit and liberate our hearts and minds from the self imposed limitations that furtively lurk just below the surface of our conscious thoughts....
I appreciate everything that I have read of his. He simply states what we all need to remember!

Janet C.
Janet C5 years ago

Thank you Deepak...beautifully stated!

Shirley E.
Shirley E5 years ago

What a beautiful summary of the multi-dimensional total being and the qualities people need to embrace to be all they can in this lifetime.

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Thank you .

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thanks for sharing

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thanks for sharing

Gaby D.
Gaby D5 years ago

continued..... And that, dear Yarrow, helps me feel better - helps me deal with the sense of isolation that you describe, it helps me find a sense of balance in a pretty 'mad' world at times.
And that brings me to all those closed doors that Deepak describes.....we are spiritual 'beans' on a human journey - and sometimes it seems like we are running around madly to keep all those doors open.....perhaps they don't all have to be wide open......if we can only manage to keep them all ajar! Swinging back and forth with the winds of's when we allow them to swing shut......that's when all the running around starts to open them up! Because the slamming shut of one bound to cause the other doors to sway dangerously too!

Balance as always is the here's to keeping the doors open, ajar.....and maintaining an inner sense of wellbeing! Yarrow, have you ever tried meditation? It really really helps me - give it a shot....and please don't feel lonely, we are here! Namaste!