Jeanette Björk
Jeanette Björk9 hours ago

Cute! Thanks for sharing!

Pietro Maiorana
Pietro Maiorana8 days ago

Tutto è bene quel che finisce bene, nessuno lo ha investito...

Peter B
Peter B9 days ago

very good

Rita Delfing
Rita D11 days ago

So lovely what a great person for stopping traffic to save this lovely being.

Linda W
Linda Wallace11 days ago

Oh how nice of the man to help the sloth.

Roslyn McBride
Roslyn McBride11 days ago

Sloths appear to be rather sweet little animals.

Sherry Kohn
Sherry Kohn11 days ago


Pearl W
Pearl W12 days ago

Hi All - Is the Sloth smiling? - Or is it just drawn that way? - Either way the footage made my heart smile - Don't ya just love a Sloth story/doco? - Thanks C2 Editors - Your choices lately have been superb - Also loved the way the chivalrous, gentle man picked up the Sloth - Good idea to place it on a tree - Ya wouldn't want to go back across the road! - If ya keep watching the clips, there's some beautiful whale and dolphin videos - Included is that Beluga whale with a harness on -
As I do my C2 reading and clicking early in the morning - They not only make my day - They start my day - If you can start the day with a smile - It's a great gift - Muchas Gracias - I believe if more people started their day with a smile - The whole World would be a better place - Miles of smiles

Ruth S
Ruth S12 days ago

Nice! Thanks.