Dairy Industry Wants to Sneak Aspartame into Milk

It’s possible that your milk may start containing aspartame and you’ll never know it. Two major dairy organizations are petitioning the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to allow them to use aspartame and other artificial sweeteners in their milks and dairy products without having to state the ingredients on the label.

Aspartame is an artificial, non-saccharide sweetener that is used in many food and drink products instead of sugar. Aspartame is most notorious for making diet soda calorie free, yet so addictively sweet.

According to ActivistPost.com, the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) want to be able to add artificial sweeteners to their products in order to provide lower-calorie options, especially for children in schools. The FDA notice that was just released stated that this move would help curb childhood obesity as children are more inclined to drink flavored milk and the artificial sweetener version would have fewer calories. Currently the flavored dairy products use what is called “nutritive sweeteners;” that simply means the sweeteners have calories. Often sugar and high fructose corn syrup are the “nutritive sweeteners” being used.

Neither can really boast of their high nutritional value, so this may simply be a battle of “which is the lesser of two evils?” But the real oddity in this case is the desire to forgo labeling the artificial sweeteners. How would this benefit anyone?

The milk guys say, simply calling the milk products with the “non-nutritive sweeteners” or aspartame, milk, would allow consumers to “more easily identify its overall nutritional value.”

So leaving ingredients off the list would allow one to better assess a food’s nutritional value? You sure?

If you think this is a strange way to promote milk consumption, you can let your thoughts be known. The FDA is taking public comments on this issue until May 21. You can submit your comments or send data to the FDA HERE.

(Also, please sign the petition below the related stories if you’d like to tell the FDA not to allow aspartame in milk.)

It’s probably a good idea to insist that our food labels are telling us everything about the food we’re buying and feeding to our families.


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Written by Lacy J. Hansen for DietsInReview.com


Roxanne W.
Roxanne W3 years ago

Please do not alarm people unnecessarily. This is NOT about putting aspartame in ALL milk, but in FLAVORED milk.

Heidi Aubrey
Heidi A4 years ago

I saw a news update yesterday(04/01/2013) on the Doctor Oz Show, he too took up the cause for clear labeling.

But just to ease anyones mind, this labeling issue is fro the front of the carton, not the ingredient listing, which steadfast and hardcore about labeling any food product into a food.

I have said it before, I will say it again; the only truthful statement on a package of ANYTHING
is the net weight(required by law) and the actual Ingredient Listing(also required by law).

The rest, all of it, is complete marketing hype. Totally, completely, utterly so-lies and all.

Read the ingredient labels like a hawk on everything you purchase. I do.

Heidi Aubrey
Heidi A4 years ago

There is simply NO WAY this will fly with the USDA. The Labeling Laws are very clear. If it is added as a food ingredient, it must be labeled. The only exceptions I have seen are the weakening of some questionable MSG products being allowed to be labeled as "spices" without the disclosure that the spice is MSG. That is because the MSG is made from seaweed, so it can be considered a spice.

There is simply NO WAY this will fly. This is an alarmist post and nothing more.

Jackie W.
Jackie W.4 years ago

So tell me, how are people that are allergic to artificial sweeteners, like myself, be able to drink milk? Who cares about obese children? It's the parents fault their children are obese. Why should we have to resort to something so idiotic because of others ignorance?

Lika S.
Lika P4 years ago

Petition signed, message sent to FDA, and this article shared on facebook, twitter and google .

Margaret B.
Margaret B4 years ago

if you really want sweetened milk then get a teaspoon out of your cupboard and take sugar or honey from the bowl and stir it into your milk!!!! It won't take too much energy to do that.

Margaret B.
Margaret B4 years ago

We really have to beware if the producers are to ashamed to be upfront in their labelling of what is actually in their product. Why do they need to be sneaky?? Because they know that the majority of people do NOT want artificial sweeteners, because they are dangerous!!!

Kelly Bossinade
Past Member 4 years ago

Soy milk! Rice milk! Almond milk! Sunflower milk! They are sweet naturally, go for healthier options. Even if you don't want to cut out dairy completely, adjust your diet a little bit: the cows will be a bit happier, and you hopefully too!

And it's a horrible idea when you think you know it all, when you are one of the few that actually reads the labels on their food, then to find out it probably doesn't make a freaking difference... Since half of the shit that's being added suddenly isn't on the ingredients list!

Tsandi Crew
Tsandi C4 years ago

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"Aspartame, as well as every other product of Monsanto, has proven to be harmful to the point of causing extreme health issues to any living thing, and that includes humans.

Putting Aspartame in milk in order to sell more milk is unthinkable. Furthering this practice of adding Monsanto products to the food system and to the environment is criminal.

Please do not add anything to Milk. You are rich enough.

I am including a link to 71 scientific papers from studies around the globe proving the damage Monsanto shennanigans cause to people.
http://safefoodfoundation.org/GM foods.html"

Qian Zheng Yi
Jabi Yeonnmin4 years ago

almond milk - be kind to the cows :)