Danger: Asbestos in detective toy

Playing sleuth a la Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys can be lots of fun. But there is one seriously dangerous toy on the market you do not want in your junior detectives’ bag.

Recent tests conducted by the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) between June and October of 2007 found high levels of tremolite, one of the most lethal forms of asbestos, in powders, in Planet Toys’ CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Fingerprint Examination Kits.

Children are directed to blow the asbestos contaminated powder after dusting for fingerprints, thereby increasing the likelihood that the asbestos fibers would be inhaled by them. A single exposure to tremolite can cause fatal mesothelioma or lung cancer later in life.

These kits are still available at major, popular retailers in the store and online. A good old fashioned magnifying glass might not be as snazzy, but it’s safe and always worked for Sherlock.

Terri Hall-Jackson lives in the Hudson Valley with her husband and two young children. In addition to writing, Terri works with public television and radio stations/networks in the area of new media and leads workshops on authentic and empowered living.

By Terri-Hall Jackson, contributing writer to Care2ís Green Living


Kathleen Carrier
Past Member 8 years ago

Gee, anything to make a quick buck, even killing kids. What next?

Mel P.
Past Member 8 years ago

Scary! There are so many toxins in toys and every product we buy. Here are some asbestos cancer facts that are scary as well; mesothelioma cancer facts