Muffins, Marijuana and Meerkat Love – Weekly Highlights

There’s so much going on here in Healthy and Green Living, itís hard to know where to start! So we’ll just jump right in with a happy animal love story:

Meerkat love – Meerkats no longer have to worry about a lonely fate, thanks to Meerkat Match, the world’s first meerkat dating website.

Benefits of self-pleasure – Is it wrong? Especially if you are in a healthy and loving relationship? We asked our resident Loveologist. Find out what she said.

Marijuana and innovative food – A little mind-expansion plus “the munchies” may be the secret ingredients to some chefs’ successes.

9 factors metabolism – Feel more slender and strong by learning this map of your body’s metabolic process.

Tips to improve sleep – Make getting a good night’s sleep easy and effortless — the way it should be.

Skip milk – 5 reasons why – The first reason was enough for me!

How pets improve health – Your furry friend may help decrease your blood pressure, cholesterol, feeling of loneliness, and triglyceride level, according to the CDC.

Giving dairy cows a second chance at life – Find out how you can help the Gentle Barn Foundation provide a healthy home for vulnerable dairy cows that might otherwise die of dehydration, starvation and disease.

Contaminated supplements – You don’t want to miss this news of a recent investigation.

Health hazards in the water – By staying alert to red flags and following some simple safety guidelines, recreational swimmers can splash around safely.

Preschool depression – Bubbles and hide and seek may not cut it for all kids. New studies are showing that signs of depression can start as early as age three — now that’s depressing.

5 Ws of weight loss – Key questions for better overall health and a more enriching relationship with yourself and food.

Top 12 Dangerous muffins – Muffins may look sweet and wholesome, but Mel reveals their dark side.

Don’t miss your chance to enter to win our book giveaway this week: Grow Great Grub by Gayla Trail

Gayla Trailís easy-to-follow and witty guide shows that growing your own food doesnít have to be too costly, time-consuming, or even require a lot of space.

Have a happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone! If you’re going to be out grilling, try this great Grilled Portobello Burger recipe. Also, check out these 10 tips to have an Eco-Friendly Campfire.


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