Declutter Your Home in 21 Days (Infographic)

All it takes is 15 minutes each day to get your home to a new level of clean in only 21 days.

Check out the infographic below by Happy Cleans which outlines a step-by-step guide to getting down to that decluttering project you’ve been meaning to tackle. Now’s the time!



Infographic via Happy Cleans


Shae Lee
Shae Lee27 days ago

Thank you for sharing!

Jan S
Jan S27 days ago

thank you

Thomas M
Thomas M28 days ago

Thank you for sharing

Leanne K
Leanne K28 days ago

Absolutely no mention of konmari. I had to google it but I love it. I love minimalism, I have too much. I can be mercenary. I hate clutter, I can’t stand too much junk. I love tidy neat clean and spartan.
Too many people live like slobs. I won’t say rats, rats do a good job cleaning up after people. These people do not clean up even after themselves or their children let alone others. Yep I get that look upon my face. Yep they can tell.
I’m convinced they are toxic people in too many ways. They want to provoke a reaction, they can’t dazzle with their riches so they shock with their shitty dump. They’re trying to invoke sympathy and force others to clean up. It’s a power thing. Eww yuk no way.
Konmari all the way.

Deirdre G
Deirdre G4 months ago

I must try this

Chad Anderson
Chad A4 months ago

Thank you.

Val P
Val P4 months ago

love the handy formatting

Amanda M
Amanda M4 months ago

With a husband and two kids who have pack-rat tendencies (especially the 11-year-old), just getting through the HOUSEWORK is a hamster wheel from hell. Three against one is not a fair fight at all-it's a ROUT!

Gloria p
Gloria p5 months ago

Overall this is a great graphic. However don't thrown out dingy linens or those that have holes in them. Make a box of clean cleaning rags. You can either use them once or wash them to use over again.
Personally I am pretty caught up but not saying the whole place is perfect.

Chrissie R
Chrissie R5 months ago

Set aside one day...I guarantee you can do it if you've a mind to.