Defeat the Zombie Apocalypse with Mindfulness

I donít want to scare you, but have you seen the zombies?

They are everywhere, youíll find them in your town, in your street, and thereís every chance that youíll wake up in the morning with one sleeping next to you.

Make no mistake the zombie apocalypse is already upon us, the whole world is overtaken by zombies and the living dead are in the massive majority. They walk, they talk, they rush about, but there is no one there. Their bodies are there, but their eyes are all glazed over, their minds are somewhere else and they are lost in a dream.

Itís not their fault, donít blame them, they donít even know they are zombies, they think they are awake, but they are not really, they are sleeping. They are so possessed by their minds that they think the dream is real, they think those voices in their heads are who they are and they have forgotten how to live.† They experience everything through words and concepts and have forgotten that the world is a sensory delight.

Poor lost souls, they think the past and the future are real and they spend their lives there. Their minds drag them back and they propel them forward, they cannot see the glory of this moment.† They cannot see it because they are not here. The present moment, the only place where life really exists, is cast aside as irrelevant, they miss the miracle of existence and are barely alive at all.† Poor lost souls, they don’t understand that the past and future exist nowhere other than in their minds.

Zombies live in purgatory, they are neither alive or dead, trapped in unhappiness, consumed with loss hurts, regrets and disappointments, not realizing that they are creating this suffering for themselves by living in the past. They re-live trauma and feel that suffering over and over again, they miss the magic of the light shining through trees, they miss the child’s smile and the sensual delight of the autumn breeze, they miss it all because it can’t be seen through their unhappy story.† They will hold onto resentments sometimes for years and even generations, feeding their grievance and poisoning their lives, they can’t feel the richness of this moment because they have killed it in the belief their resentments serve a purpose,† when in truth they are only hurting themselves and poisoning the world around them.

Have you seen them rushing around, condemned to roam the earth consuming it’s resources in an endless search for fulfillment?† Poor lost souls condemned to run through life ever chasing, chasing, chasing, looking outside of themselves to find themselves, but only finding more wanting.† They run through their lives towards old age and death, having never been still long enough to have ever lived at all.† What are they looking for?† Where are they going?† They live in the future, because they think it’s real, they think the answer is in the future, they think they’ll find themselves in the future, but there is no future, there never will be, there is only here and now, so they are condemned to roam the earth looking for themselves.

Have you seen how the zombies look so afraid, faces ashen white, all twisted and distorted with fear.† But they are safe, nothing is there in reality that will hurt them, but they are consumed with worry because they are being attacked by their minds.† They can’t see the hopelessness of trying to control a future that doesn’t exist, with thoughts that don’t leave their heads.† They think the dream is real, they run worst case scenarios, have imaginary arguments and fight imaginary wars and struggle with imaginary disasters. So lost in the mental drama they are hardly alive at all.

Zombies can’t enjoy the rain on their face or delight in the light reflected in the puddles, they can’t see it because they are not present, they are not here.† All they see is a miserable day, they don’t realize that it’s not the weather that’s miserable itís them, they have a miserable day because they are lost in a miserable dream.

Zombies donít see the world as it is, they can’t see the beauty and aliveness of this moment, they can only see the projection of their minds.† The truth of this moment is filtered by the fog of their judgements, their opinions, their prejudices, their culture, beliefs and past conditioning. They think that their minds interpretation of reality is the truth and some of them will kill you for not sharing their illusion. They might call you a denier, a heretic or non believer and they think that if you don’t share their mind made reality you must die, but in truth they are already dead, because their minds have killed them, their judgments have cut them off from life and there is no one there behind their empty staring eyes

Stay away from the dangerous zombies, have nothing to do with them, they will suck the life out of you. But there is hope for some, because most Zombies are not yet completely dead, they still have a chance at life, in fact some of them are even starting to wake up.† Right now quite a few Zombies are starting to stir from their sleep, and together we have a real chance of defeating the Zombie Apocalypse.

You’ll recognize awakening zombies because they will recognize you, they will sense your aliveness and make themselves known.† It may be a glint of life in their eyes or a feeling of connection, they will be drawn to you and youíll recognize them for sure and if you come across a zombie who isn’t yet quite dead you can wake them.† Loud bangs and sudden shocks and genuine life threatening situations will wake them for a short while, and can be used in an emergency but they will likely fall asleep again soon after.

I prefer the more subtle methods, you could simply encourage them to be mindful, you could remind them of what’s real right now and make them stop and notice whatís here.† Make them taste their food, make them feel their feet on the ground when they walk, show them the light in the puddles and make them feel the breeze and as you do so you could hold a space of no mind,† and in that space something magic happens, there is a glimpse of awareness, a spark of life is ignited and the Zombie starts to come back to life.

So if you wake up next to a zombie, donít despair, forgive them for being asleep, gently wake them from their slumber, make them a nice cup of tea and show them how to mindfully enjoy every drop.


by†Adrian Rides, Contributor to†Meditation on†

Editor’s Note from†Eden Kozlowski: What a fresh article, and it so timely as I just watched the pretty cool movie,†Warm Bodies. At the beginning of the movie, the main character “R” who is now a zombie reminisces about the days before the Apocalypse. The scene quickly reverts back to the past and shows a room full of “healthy” people engaged only with their cell phones. The scene made me crack up… and there are many other really creative and thoughtful scenes throughout, believe it or not. So, read this article… watch that movie… both are unexpected and tie together so well.



B.J. M.
DJ M2 years ago

be awake to the present moment

Mary Cromley
.3 years ago

This article is a joke. Just wait for the real Zombie Apocalypse. And worry about the Energy Vampires now.

Tanya W.
Tanya W3 years ago


Tanya W.
Tanya W3 years ago


Daphne H.
Daphne H3 years ago

Garbage in - from so called 'music' and TV and movies - garbage out. Many folks are not only zoned out but tuned into horribly negative media. I'd say they are more careful about what they ingest into their bodies but on second thought they are probably the ones that consume most of the junk food.

Dale O.

Zombies, always a pesky beastie like snow in the winter, black flies and mosquitoes along with those with an extra bite in their repertoire, the deer and horse flies. Zombies just are hungrier.

Well, the zombies took over my home town long ago and certainly have infiltrated everywhere.

Lurching zombies are mostly at home in the con-servative party of Canada. The Prime Minister and cabinet are rife with zombies. We plan to swat with in the next federal election so they end up as political toast as did the separatist party across the river in Quebec in the election a few days ago. Enjoying your federal pension lately, Pauline Marois? You even lost your seat in the National Assembly. Burnt zombie political toast.

Lydia S.
Lydia S3 years ago

I sort of liked the bashing in of head thing , I'll see what works best and
comment again .

Eric Lees
Eric Lees3 years ago

Intereating analogy, thanks. And these zombies even vote, no wonder we are in such a mess.

Jeff S.
Jeff S.3 years ago

Last man on Earth.

Lisa Wood
Lisa Wood4 years ago

Best place to be is living in the moment!