11 Tips for Healthy Living + Redefining Health

Dr. Karen Lee Paquette shares how to define health and make room for “healthy” in your life.

Imagine a world where people treat themselves, others, and the planet like we treat our newborn babies… We give them limitless unconditional love, strive to predict and exceed their every need, care for, protect, and support them to create a bright, beautiful, successful, and joyous future…. What we are doing, in a nutshell, is simply nurturing our baby’s health.

My definition of health includes our physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual health. Whether it be meeting physical needs such as feeding, or mental/emotional needs such as soothing them when they cry, or surrounding them with people who love them or ensuring that their experiences are positive, these are all parts of nurturing the holistic health of a human being.

When I say the words ‘nurturing health,’ I mean that every choice we make contributes to our holistic health, in body, mind, heart, and/or spirit.

In this day and age, I meet people who tell me they feel overwhelmed with the state of our people and our planet. They often wonder if or how they can make a difference. They wonder if “little ol’ me” can have any real positive impact in the world.

I share with them that we can all start by creating healthy bodies, minds, hearts and spirits. And since people and mother nature are all connected, it will have a positive impact on others and our beautiful planet.

If we apply the same basic ‘healthy’ principles that we apply to ourselves, directly to our interactions with others and our planet, we will naturally create healthy people and a healthy planet. And by a healthy planet I mean a clean, harmonious, peaceful and abundant world.

To respect, nurture, and honour ourselves and our planet, we can follow these 11 simple tips for healthy living:

  1. Refrain from putting toxins into our bodies and planet by carefully choosing:
    • Local ‘real food’(something you can either grow or raise) that is free of toxins and chemicals.
    • Primarily vegetarian sources of food: vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, and whole grains.
    • Clean drinking water while at the same time minimizing bottled water use.
    • Natural, toxin free household and self care products.

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Dr. Karen is the GO Doctor, a preventative medicine expert and the author of Stop Being Stopped.

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Seems I'm doing perfectly....

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Eat smart

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Meditation is essential for mental and physical health.

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