Design an Artful Entry

Above: Handpainted address numbers bring your home’s personality outside. A set of three handpainted address numbers (7 1/2 inches high) made from recycled steel drums is available for $30 from Etsy shop Tropical Metal.

The entryway is an area of our homes that can be easy to overlook. More often than not, our entryways become jumbles of shoes, jackets and mail rather than peaceful places that welcome us home and greet guests. But designing a serene entryway is one of the easiest ways to make coming home more peaceful. To organize your entry, first pull everything out and figure out how to organize it. If shoes stack up inside the door, invest in a bench with cubbies, or baskets or bins to help organize them. If jackets end up tossed on entry stairs, install wall-mounted hooks to get them up and in sight. While everything is out of your entry, consider whether painting the space with a bright color or pattern or installing graphic wallpaper might help enhance the area.

You’re more likely to appreciate this area and keep it organized if it’s filled with things you love.Try nice lighting, interesting wall art or a pretty chair. The items below aresuitable for an artsy entryway. Click here forour picks for a classic look and a modern, sleek style.

Citrus Kitchen Coir Mat

Bring brightness in and keep mud out with a cheery welcome mat made of all-natural coir, a renewable material made of coconuts. $32 from

Faux Bois light shade
Lighting is a key element to a welcoming entryway. Overhead pendants are a classic choice that adds drama. This Deco Deluxe Pendant is made from recycled soda bottles and is available in several patterns. $336 from Lights Up.

Cork board
Tack up reminders, outgoing mail and recent pics in style on a sustainable cork tackboard made in the U.S. $65 from Mio.

Room and Board table
Put pretty baskets for mail, keys and change on top and stash bins for shoes and bags below this slim console table from Room & Board. Available in 10 colors and handwelded in Minnesota from 95 percent recycled materials. $499.

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I bought a house with that someone had covered the entry wall with tissue crinkled tissue paper, painted with gold acrylic paint. Everyone entering would comment on it. Not into gold? try copper, silver color.

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