Design Books To Take You Around the World

For a quick travel or design fix, the library or bookstore may be the best source. We rounded up some of our favorite reads that cover aesthetics from all over the globe. From London flats to Moroccan abodes, these books will transport you to another place, and give you some worldly ideas to incorporate into your home.

Above: New London Style by Chloe Grimshaw features 28 houses in London, taking readers though various neighborhoods in the British capital; $23.10 at Amazon.

Above: The interior of a London flat, seen in New London Style.

Above: L: Herbert Ypma, author of the Hip Hotels and the World Design series, traces the origins of great artisan traditions in Morocco Modern. This is a sourcebook that uncovers how ancient Moroccan traditions influence modern art and design today; $15.56 at Amazon. Above R: Moroccan design.

Above: Simply Scandinavian by Magnus Englund and Caroline Clifton-Mogg offers a look at the simple, light, and uncluttered appeal of the Northern European design aesthetic; $19.77 from Amazon.

Above L: In Hot Afro: Interiors from South Africa, Mandy Allan takes readers into the South African homes of stylists, designers, innovators, and artists, telling their stories with the colorful photographs of Craig Fraser; $56.94 from Amazon. Above R: The interior of a restored Cape Dutch farmstead.

Above: A book rich with color and detail, Tile Designs from Portugal by D. Hurtado de Mendoza includes more than 100 traditional tile designs dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries. The hardcover book comes with a CD of all the patterns in high-resolution format; $24.99 from the Pepin Press.

Above: French Seaside Style by Sebastien Siraudeau celebrates seaside homes form all over that incorporate a nautical style with French influence; $23.07 at Amazon.

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