Develop Color Intuition

Medical intuitive Laura Alden Kamm uses intuitive work with color in her practice, and introduces us here to an exercise from her workbook Color Intuition Kit to start to open up our intuitive abilities.

Energy is a powerful and dynamic force. The colors that radiate as a result of that energy are extraordinary and have immeasurable amounts of information embedded within their vibration. Some of these qualities of energy are form (design or shape), dimension, speed, density, and direction.

Let’s try this exercise to help enter into understanding the colors that radiate from energy.

Be mindful, playful, and gentle with yourself. You needn’t be critical or judge your abilities. If you find yourself having difficuty during this exercise, kick up the playfulness a bit and you will find that energy will open up more easily.

Take a gentle deep breath into your body. Breathe in through your nostrils to the count of four. Hold your breath for four counts and exhale through your mouth to the count of four. Repeat this breath sequence three times and feel the relaxation spread throughout your body.

Now, let us take your attention and your breath into the light and energy of your heart chakra. Breathe deeply again into your chest and release the breath out through your mouth.

Imagine sensing the energy and light around your heart chakra. I would like you to take your time and intuitively sense each one of these aspects or qualities of the light energy of this center.

Answer one of the following questions at a time. You can breathe in and out in between each question. Take several series of breaths if need be. Hold the intention, not your breath, to see, feel, hear, or know the light energy of your heart chakra in an easy, cheerful manner.

Asking intuitively driven questions is a good way to receive information. As you are looking at the light and colorful energy of your heart chakra you may ask:

What is the most prevalent color associated with this light center at this time?

What other colors are in this light center?

If applicable, in what direction(s) are the colors moving?

If the colors are in motion, describe the sense of speed that you are intuitively aware of.

Take in a few breaths and have a Zen moment (chill out). Just let go of what you were sensing and simply be aware of your breath, moving in and out of your body.

Great! Now intuitively take your attention back to the light and colors of your heart center. Note any changes in the qualities that you just assessed: Color, motion or direction, and speed.

Adapted from Color Intuition Kit by Laura Alden Kamm (Sounds True, 2008).


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