Diet Sodas Drinkers Have Larger Waist Lines

Researchers from the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio examined data from 474 participants in a longitudinal aging study and found diet soft drink users had a 70 percent greater increase in waist circumference compared to non-diet soda drinkers. The waist circumference increase was even worse for frequent diet soda consumers drinking two or more a day. Their waist size increases were 500 percent greater than non diet soda drinkers in the study.

“Data from this and other prospective studies suggest that the promotion of diet sodas and artificial sweeteners as healthy alternatives may be ill-advised,” said one of the researchers, Helen Hazuda, professor and chief of the Division of Clinical Epidemiology in the School of Medicine. (Source:

A related study found aspartame might increase blood glucose levels and thereby contribute to obesity.

One reason individuals give for drinking diet sodas is that they contain fewer calories, but then they reason incorrectly they should be able to eat even more than they would if they were drinking regular sodas. A better choice would simply be to not assume that drinking either type of soda is necessary. Another assumption appears to be that diet soda is healthier, but if the research cited above is correct, it is not.

Sodas might also interfere with the absorption of calcium due to the phosphoric acid content, an effect that could also be caused by the caffeine content. In a different study, colas with and without caffeine both were associated with lower bone density. Phosphoric acid also erodes tooth enamel.

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Christel K
Christel Kabout a year ago

I have serious doubts about articles like this and the underlying studies. For example, the first study mentioned (from UTHSCSA) did not include diet of the participants in the study. Also, they never consider the alternative, i.e. people drinking sugar-laden sodas instead of diet sodas. Other studies regarding the effect of sugar substitutes typically involved mice and extremely high doses of the sugar substitute. Overall, I don't go with these studies. I personally have used sugar substitutes for decades and my blood glucose levels are perfect. But, that's just me.

Christian Rhodes
Christian Rhodes5 years ago

I wish there we all truly knew...

Terry V.
Terry V5 years ago

life is about choices, to each their own.

LiLing O5 years ago

Not so surprising,
because I strongly believes that Anything that contains too much artificial this and that won't be too good for the body at all

Eric Luu
Eric Luu6 years ago

I don't drink soda often. Thanks for sharing.

Ajla C.
Past Member 6 years ago

Mislim da soda niej dobar izbor,a pogotovo soda sa zasladjivacima koji nikako nisu zdravi.

Patricia H.
Patricia H.6 years ago

thanks for the info

Linda Hodges
Linda Hodges6 years ago

I drink sparkling water when I want to indulge in something fizzy

Jene B.
Jene B6 years ago

Thanks for the info!

Jane R.
Jane R6 years ago

Diet drinks taste nasty!! I have one can of cola each day. I rarely eat sweets so I see no harm in having one.