Kids Can Be Gardeners Too (2 videos)

Digging in at Yale’s Sustainable Garden

Yale is one of many colleges that are now operating an organic vegetable garden. The garden has 300 varieties of plants, and is staffed by student volunteers who do all the work.

Students love it. The number of volunteers exceeds the need to operate this one acre garden year round. College students want to change the world, and more and more of them are realizing the importance of growing their own food.

The video on page 2 takes us to the children’s garden at the San Antonio Botanical Garden where we see 10-13 year-olds gardening organically.

Students Dig In at Yale’s Sustainable Farm from OrganicNation on Vimeo.

Starting Kids Young at Gardening

Gardening doesn’t need to begin at college. Schools are planting gardens, and more and more botanic gardens are devoting space to children.

This video brings us to the children’s garden the San Antonio Botanic Garden. Every Saturday morning parents bring their 8-13 year-olds to work in the garden, mentored by master organic gardeners.

Before coming here some of these kids didn’t know where vegetables come from—except the supermarket. Now they are started on a lifetime of useful pleasure.

Photo credit: DigiSmile STL

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My 5 year old LOVES growing his own veggies on grandads allotment. ...and one theyre grown, he loves eating tyhem too because he's so proud he did it all by himself.

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I agree with Kay L-it would be great if all schools included classes in gardening particularly organic gardening. My grandmother taught me gardening when I was in grade school and I still garden to this day. They always had the best garden-vegetables and fruit flavorful-never used pesticides. They could keep the entire neighborhood in veggies all summer and can enough to get them through winter.