Discovering the Anatomy of Arousal

Sheri Winston is one of the most enlightened sexual education teachers in the country, and the award-winning author of Women’s Anatomy of Arousal: Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure. Through her “Wholistic Sexuality” curriculum, she provides some of the most comprehensive, accessible and empowering information about sexuality. With over twenty years as a midwife and nurse, her life-long education into the birthing process inspired and revolutionized her understanding about sexual health.

Sheri is now retired from clinical practice to focus full time on teaching workshops and counseling through the Center for the Intimate Arts. She also lectures and makes appearances around the country to talk about sex and teach her Wholistic Sexuality curriculum which includes over 50 classes. Sheri believes her twenty years in women’s health care have given her an excellent foundation for sexuality education and counseling, and which has formed her unique approach. She has also studied a wide variety of holistic healing modalities including integral health, herbalism, energy healing, psychological and emotional healing, women’s health, and many hands-on healing techniques.

Her book has been hailed by Christiane Northrup as, “the most comprehensive, user-friendly, practical and uplifting book on women’s sexuality I’ve ever read.”

Don’t miss this enlightened and inspired conversation. Learn more about evolving your sexual tool kit and discover the secret maps to the buried pleasure living in all of us.

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Jack, wow, you're not talking about me, are you? I don't constantly chatter my approval of women and disgust at men. And "vain struggle to be men"? Nooooooo, not me. I'm constantly raving about tall 20something studs with hot bods and big ..... That's the key to arousal for me. I get excited just looking at them. And old guys keep telling me young guys are inexperienced and don't know anything. They lie. Young guys are sensual and fabulous lovers and they are so cute. I would love to hear from more men on this site. I want to hear what turns men on. They don't talk enough and I'm not a mind reader. Jack, stop bitching and tell us what you like.

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Very well put, Charles Wallace. I think it's sad that some people here are so full of negativity and insecurity (and in the case of Jack T. probably sexism and mysogyny) and cannot take the information contained in the articles in the spirit which they are intended.

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