Distinguishing Mind from Heart

“People have, for centuries, talked about and told others to ‘follow your heart.’ That’s because they instinctively know that their heart’s intuition yields the highest outcome — often at the expense of the mind’s opinions, preferences and habits,” says Doc Childre. Yet, if you’re like me, you may have found at some point in your life that following your heart got you into trouble. Why? Because our mind can easily justify an emotional pull as heart intuition, and we follow that allurement, instead of our real heart. It takes practice to discern the difference.

For many of us, that practice is learned the hard way through the school of hard knocks. In the process, we may close off our heart because we don’t want to be hurt again. Many years ago, this was true for me, so I set out on a path to learn what my real heart was and to re-open it.

Doc Childre states that “Subtle energetic blocks accumulate in your system when you strongly imprint experiences of hurt, betrayal or any emotional pain that resulted from life interactions, or stem from self-worth problems, guilt, and more. That stored, unresolved energy often shuts you off from your heart connection, stifling the natural flow of spirit through your mental, emotional, and biological systems. You can learn to re-open your heart connection to clean out those old unresolved issues.”

"Follow your heart" spelled out in wooden blocksI found that I had to learn how to manage and be responsible for my own mental and emotional energies in order to unfold the intuitive connection between my mind and heart. As I balanced my emotional nature and cleared unresolved issues by practicing heart qualities of self-compassion, compassion for others, forgiveness, appreciation and kindness, I was progressively able to distinguish intuitive heart feelings from my mental and emotional preferences. It was like learning to tune an inner radio dial to a different station. It was also a process of spiritual unfoldment, where my heart feelings reflected a larger consideration and care for other’s feelings. My intuitive discernment became more refined and that process continues.

Doc Childre goes on to explain how this works: “As people learn to navigate through life by aligning with the guidance of their intuitive heart feelings, they progressively spiritualize their human nature. A spirit-infused human nature doesn’t exempt you from challenges, which are simply opportunities for growth. Increased spirit integration unfolds a new sense of dignity with increased love, care and compassion for others, while at the same time, guiding you to take responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings and actions. It’s an inside job for each person, yet it’s doable and the process is friendly…

“You can trust that you will develop the intuitive discernment to know your deeper heart feelings as you increase spirit flow into your system. The practice of tools for heart-based living gradually reveals your real self. You’ll know that authenticity is increasing when you don’t have to look over your shoulder as much while navigating life’s course.”

Nourishing the Heart LogoI found this to be the case. Life has more flow and synchronicities, and by practicing HeartMath tools , I can re-create flow when resistances or obstacles arise. I call this “practical spirituality” as it improves my day-to-day decisions, for my benefit and others.

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“Your intuitive heart is the GPS for finding the shortest and most effective route between intention and its destination.”
–Doc Childre



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Sometimes following your heart will lead to pain, but that's part of life and be part of growth too if you let it. Thanks.

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