DIY Duvet Cover

I’ve been on the hunt for a cover to replace, or hide an aging blanket on one of my beds. I haven’t been able to justify doling out the big bucks for a beautiful organic duvet cover. On a recent shopping trip to Marshall’s (I must admit, I love the discount stores: Marshall’s, TJMaxx, and Homegoods), I found some beautiful bamboo sheets, and remembered a trick my mom taught me. She rarely bought new coverlets or blankets, she made duvet covers from two sheets.

There are a few different meanings and interpretations for duvet covers. For these purposes, a duvet cover is a comforter cover, or a fabric cover for over a blanket.

Why use a duvet cover over a blanket?
• Duvet covers are versatile.
• Duvet’s are easy to wash and dry (just two sheets instead of a bulky blanket), saving energy and water consumption.
• A duvet will keep your blanket clean and extend its life. Duvet’s are great to cover down blankets that you may not want to wash often.
• It’s easy to make a bed with a duvet because you don’t need a top sheet.
• Kids love duvets because making a bed with one is a neat alternative to messy top sheets.

Why make a duvet cover from two sheets?
• Sheets come in many eco-friendly fabric choices: organic cotton, knit and flannel, bamboo and linen.
• There are so many more pattern choices with sheets than with duvet covers.
• It’s generally less expensive to buy two sheets than to buy a duvet.
• The cover will be unique.
• Sheets tend to be available in higher thread counts, making them more comfy.
• Organic duvets are harder to find in stores.

A duvet cover is like a giant pillowcase. Making a duvet cover from two sheets is an easy and creative sewing project. For two different design looks, try using different patterned sheets on each side. I love the decorating versatility, because if you get tired of one look, just turn over the duvet.

What you need:
a blanket to cover
2 flat sheets exactly the same size – the same size as the blanket
sewing machine
optional: buttons, big snaps, Velcro or ties

What to do:

1. Measure your comforter and add 1″ to the length for seams and hems.

2. A sheet is longer than the blanket, so you will have to cut some off.

3. Cut the top hem off.

4. Place the right sides together, line up and pin together leaving the top of the sheets unpinned (now that is the bottom).

5. Stitch up three sides with a quarter ˝ inch seam along the sides.

6. Turn right side out.

7. Choose how to secure the unstitched end (the bottom):

• Sew buttonholes by hand or machine. Add 4 to 8 buttons (depending upon your cover size) and buttonholes
• Sew on big snaps
• Make ties and sew on
• Sew on Velcro

8. Place blanket into duvet like it was a pillow and close. If it’s a struggle to get the blanket in, here’s a great method of putting on a duvet cover via Chez Larsson.


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