Clean Your Home Naturally (video)

This is the best video Iíve seen on how easy it is to make your own green cleaning supplies.

Patty Kim from National Geographicís The Green Guide walks you through the virtues of eight green cleaning ingredients which you can use to replace store-bought brands: baking soda, borax, distilled white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, lemons, olive oil, vegetable-based liquid castile soap, and washing soda. If you donít feel like going the whole way, Patty suggests some simple substitutions like using a cup of hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach to brighten up your laundry.

Watch and see how easy it is to make your own green cleaning product.

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Top 10 Eco-Friendly Ways to Clean the House

Photo Credit: DíArcy NormanFlickr/Creative Commons


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Berat s.
Berat s1 years ago

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Allegra W.
Past Member 7 years ago

Good video! Thank you. I like natural cleaners, and I'm so glad I've converted to them.

Theo Roropoulos
Theo Roropoulos7 years ago

please, type some text behind the video as we can't open videos at work:-)

Claudia D.
Past Member 7 years ago

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Francine P.
Francine P7 years ago

Thank you I loved the video and all the tips.

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Carol Roe
Carol R7 years ago

Great tips, thanks

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Janice D.
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I was so interested in watching your video..why i cant access to it!But,,thanks anyway..

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