DIY: Impromptu Art

At Remodelista, we love the possibilities a blank wall presents. From adding more book shelving, to creating a collage of family photos, the options are endless. And if you’ve run dry of items to hang, you can always create your own impromptu piece of art. Here are a few do-it-yourself wall decor ideas that inspire us.

Above: Discover your inner Banksy: UK artist Damien Hirst spray-painted an image of a shark on a lobby wall of the Soho House Berlin, putting a chic twist on graffiti.

Above: An entirely new twist on children’s art–and toys. In this Swedish house, via photographer Mark Eriksoon, a child’s skipping rope is used to suspend paintings along a wall.

Above: We always love functional decor. Here,menus displayed on clipboards hung on the wall atMalcolm Davis’s Stable Cafe in San Francisco serve a purpose, but also look great.

Above: Clip on art: At the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, art hanging from metal binder clips on S hooks decoratewhite slatted wood paneled walls.

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