DIY News: Knitters Wait For a Turn At Ravelry

Knitters are lined up by the thousands waiting for an invitation to the hottest knitting party in cyberspace. I had to check out what the excitement over Ravelry was all about. It is the first time I’ve ever been on a waiting list to just sign up for a website. Knitters are a unique breed of DIYers, and the fuss about Ravelry has resonated throughout the knitting world.

The folks over at Ravelry, explain, “Ravelry is a place for knitters, crocheters, designers, spinners, and dyers to keep track of their yarn, tools, and pattern information, and look to others for ideas and inspiration. The content here is all user-driven; we as a community make the site what it is.”

OK, my interest is piqued. But, what’s up with the waiting list? Are these guys the most popular knitters on the planet? Apparently, they are inviting people in bits and pieces–not because they want it to be exclusive, but because they are a beta site and it’s still being built so they are ironing out the kinks.

Ravelry has caught on like hotcakes thanks to the unique entrepreneurial escapades of husband and wife team, Casey and Jessica Forbes. Founded in May 2007, their idea was to create a web presence for all fiber artists. As of June 2008, over 135,00 members had registered. Right now there are 324,283 members and thousands on the waiting list. I’d venture to call that a web presence.

The format of Ravelry is user-friendly. Popular topics are arranged in a series of tabs, and subtopics can be accessed from there, either by drop-down menus or direct links. Knitters go to Ravelry to:

• Organize projects, stash, needles, and more.
• Show their work.
• Share ideas and techniques.
• Find new designs & yarns.
• Make friends.
• Try new things.

Ravelry is not a pattern source, although knitters share photos of projects knit from patterns, share free patterns, and names/sources of commercial patterns. I was at my local yarn shop recently and the owner mentioned that Ravelry has hundreds of patterns and sources for eco-friendly yarns. It does not sell yarn; it simply offers a catalogue of yarns available and links to retailers. This practice makes Ravelry unique in that no one website has ever attempted to combine worldwide for the benefit of fiber artists.

Now you know about Ravelry. Got a knitting question, need a skein from a discontinued yarn dyelot, want to connect with knitters in your area, feel like downloading some spectacular knitted show and tell, trade some yarn stash for handmade bamboo needles or just help a knitting newbie – hop over there and join the party, or at least sign up and wait your turn for all the knitting fun. OK, just can’t wait? Here’s a sneak peak. I  can’t stop drooling over those pictures. I want in now!

Note: While you are checking out Ravelry, don’t forget Care2′s popular knitting groups here.


Megan S.
Megan S7 years ago

Just made one, I need to find some good patterns!

Myusername is carrotcoptor, is anyone wans to be friends :)

Karen J.
Karen Jones7 years ago

I am a member. I belong to a couple of groups but rarely use the groups. I use the pattern search most of all. I love the pattern search!!

William P.
Past Member 8 years ago

The pattern search is all I have used (and plan to use) Ravelry for. It is really useful to be able to see something knit in a variety of yarns all in one place.I haven’t tackled Flicker yet, and not sure if I will since I don’t plan to post anything on Revelry, but those cards look like a good idea.
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Melanie West
Melanie West8 years ago

I'm on Ravelry and let me tell you, it is the best! VERY user friendly, lots of groups both (on-line and in person) all over the world! I warn you though, you may never leave, there are just soooo many pattern and inspiration EVERYWHERE you look! You might not have enough time left over for your knitting!

Tobielynn A.
Tobielynn A.8 years ago

There is no longer a wait time to sign up for Ravelry, come and join the community right away, look for your welcome letter to get you started enjoying this wonderful site!

Syble Blocker
Syble Blocker8 years ago

Sounds great, I am sending this to my daughter, she will be so excited, she just started knitting not too long ago and will be pleased to find out about this site,It sounds exciting, Thank You so much for sharing.