DIY Pressed Seaweed Prints

As a native Cape Codder, Remodelista editor Justine has always been fond of seaweed. So when she recently ran across designerKaren Robertson’s pressed seaweed DIY on Garden Design, she decided to give it a try.

Here is how to make your own simple seaweed art for summer.

Above: For this project all you need is: seaweed, 140-lb water color paper, cardboard, weed cloth or other mesh fabric, an artist’s brush, two pieces of wood, and something heavy to weigh the prints down. After you gather your specimens, place them in your sink or a white bucket filled with clean seawater.

Above: Fill another bucket with 2 inches of water. (Justine used the other half of her double sink.) Then slide a piece of watercolor paper into the tub and arrange the seaweed on top keeping both paper and seaweed submerged.

Above: Carefully lift the paper out of the water tilting it this way and that so the water drains away, but you still maintain your design (more or less). Then using a small brush, reposition the seaweed into the desired composition and brush away any unwanted bits of seaweed or sand.

Above: Carefully place your arrangement on a piece of corrugated cardboard and then gently place a piece of mesh fabric on top. You can layer several prints this way.

Above: Place all your prints between the two flat boards and place something heavy on top, like a brick or a book. Wait several days depending on the relative dryness of your climate. A fan also helps.

Above: After several days, remove the weights and layers to reveal your prints. (If they are not yet dry, then it is fine to just put them back under the weight.)

This project is also a great summer project for kids. For a kids’ friendly homage to spring, see DIY Leaf Prints.



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So brilliant, I love this, I really want to try it!

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That is so beautiful! Bookmarked!

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Than you Remodelista, for Sharing this!

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interesting dont live near the ocean but it gives me other ideas.

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simple and fun

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very pretty, amazing to see how seaweed can be transformed.

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We have tons of seaweed here, thanks going to try this, looks so nice in frames.. Thank you..