DIY Solar Sun Jar Light

My family loves spending time outside in the evenings in the screened-in porch. We often catch the late afternoon iridescent summer hues and enjoy the warm evenings. It’s really such a treat.

There’s one small light that illuminates the porch. We often light candles too. The plan to plant a moon garden was thwarted for two reasons: we started too late in the season last year, and the bugs are ravenous in the evenings.

Just as the interior decor of a home is meant to create comfortable, inviting spaces, you can create the same effect in your outdoor living area.

3 Ways To Elevate An Outdoor Living Space

1. Draping your patio or deck with a light, sheer fabric evokes a cozy feeling, and also keeps insects at bay.
2. A water feature such as a fountain, or a rain chain can enhance a feeling of relaxation.
3. Consider replacing hard plastic resin furniture with a seating area that echoes a comfortable feeling with plush cushions, floor coverings and accent lighting.

Installing lighting fixtures can be a big investment. If you use traditional lights, this may involve hiring an electrician to wire the space, which will also add to your monthly electricity bill. It really is not necessary to incur more costs to illuminate an outdoor space.

DIY Solar Sun Jar Light

Creating solar lights that harness the power of the sun, are easy to make, maintain and when energy is generated during the daytime, these lights will keep glowing into the evening. These aesthetically pleasing lights are perfect for a sleeping porch, pool, outdoor shower or garden.

I spied this Sun Jar solar light (right) at the MOMA Store New York City. I contemplated purchasing a few (5 or 6), but at $50.00 a pop, a “few” seemed a bit exorbitant.

I Goggled around the DIY sites and figured some creative soul must have created a homemade version. I found a fabulous Instructables tutorial to create the Sun Jar in the main image above. Careful, once you dive into Instructables you may never buy anything again!

Enjoy the glow!

Photo credits: Instructables, MOMA,


Brianne Sigafoos Livas

This is a really neat idea. At #PackagingOptionsDirect you can find these jars in all sizes. You could make a very neat light arrangement by making them in multiple sizes and putting them in an arrangement.

Mike Mani
Mike Mani4 years ago

very nice, I am going to try this. I also saw something similar on another site, but your instructions are more clear.

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Angela N5 years ago

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Angela N5 years ago

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Islae Asd6 years ago

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Courtenay Mims6 years ago

Very cool idea! Thanks for sharing;)

Chris Ray
Chris R6 years ago

I'm going to try one! Thanks!~

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Janine H6 years ago

Interesting article. Thank you.
Are these also available in germany?

Shaun King
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