DIY Vegan Taxidermy

By Sayward Rebhal, Networx

It appears as though the taxidermy trend is here to stay, as animal pelts continue to litter the pages of decorating magazines, bones and feathers fill the editorial fashion spreads, and animal heads seem to crowd the walls of all the hottest and hippest new joints. I will never understand how glamorizing death became en vogue, but I guess thatís why I donít make the rules. I do, however, react to them. (See more tips for a vegan lifestyle on my blog, Bonzai Aphrodite.)

And me? I like to poke fun. Some people say, “Kill ‘em with kindness,” but I much prefer to say, “Slay ‘em with satire.” A little pointed irony sends a pretty poignant message . . . “a spoonful of sugar” and all that jazz. But even putting politics aside, this project just so happens to be fun, and funny, and easier than it looks. And for the right person, this could be the perfect gift.

To make your own vegan taxidermy, you’ll need: one stuffed animal (check your local thrift stores), scissors or razor knife, and a staple gun. You can make your own mounting plaque if you feel like doing a little finish carpentry, or you can buy one at a craft store.

See step-by-step photos of this project on the Networx Blog.

Make the Mounting Plaque

You can use a stencil (drawn or downloaded), and the shape is up to you. A simple oval does the trick, though a more traditional design, like we’ve used here, adds to the effect. Trace the stencil onto a piece of plywood.

Use a jigsaw to cut out the mounting plaque. Sand the edges smooth. Stain the plaque (using a rag or paintbrush) and set it aside to dry.

Prepare the Head

You can use a realistic-looking animal, as shown in this tutorial, or you can use something totally silly for a more comedic effect. A unicorn would be spectacular! Either way, decapitate the stuffed animal, leaving as much of a “neck” on it as possible.

Mount the Head

Using the staple gun, secure the lowermost point of the head (at the neck, below the “chin”), stapling from the inside of the neck to the front of the mounting plaque, so as to hide the staple. Continue stapling up the sides, through the inside of the neck into the mounting plaque. At some point you will no longer be able to fit the staple gun into the head to staple from the inside. That’s okay! Your last two or three staples will be on the top of the head, which hangs above eye level on the wall. The fur also helps to obscure the staples.

This quirky home decorating project is super quick and totally customizable. Use it to lighten the mood in your living room; or to add a dose of silliness to your kid’s room; or give it away as a gag gift to your favorite comedian friend. Happy “hunting“!

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Colleen Prinssen
Colleen Prinssen4 years ago

I mean, sure exploiting anything dead. but think of this.

when people say "cats should be allowed to do what nature intended, they are preditors, forcing a cat to live in a house and not practice it's natural behavor in hunting is crule".(people say that)
now, let us say your cat does kill something and not eat it. which happens.

what is so bad in taxidermy in what your cat killed? sure, there is honor in nature's "rot in peace" and "some vulture wants to eat the skin"(I have seen them, if its large, vultures do not eat the hide, not even from a squrriel.

so, how do I know my cat, who had killed a squrriel dosen't want his kill taxidermy-ed as a mount? he dind't eat it.

and if playing with corpses is delporable. make sure you tell mortitions that. "hey we need to make our dead family member pretty for the open casket funeral. play makeup pretty pretty on their carcass"

you don't have to go out and murder something for taxidermy. some people deside to get their pet "stuffed"
If a legal species, one could go to the zoo and get "the fox on exibit that died of old age/put to sleep from kidney faliure"
with the right paper work you could find a 9 hour old coyote who died from blunt force trama to the head by a speeding car or that ate rat poison.

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Thank you for this funny "trophy mount" idea. I am forwarding this to my cousin who is an avid hunter.