DNA and Rejuvenation

The logic I have followed is that the whole is far more important than the parts; a personís life determines the activity of his cells, not vice versa. And yet these arenít irreconcilable approaches, for no one can outlive his cells–that much is certain.

If you look at life through the eyes of a geneticist, it means nothing that a very old person has a strong will to live or enjoys the simple pleasures of life. And indeed such facts may be insignificant in terms of DNAís original programming, but as the outcome of a life well spent, it is enormously significant–indeed, it is the most significant thing.

Outside the biologistís test tubes and flasks, DNA gets influenced by your every thought, feeling, and action. The stress hormones that play such a critical part in aging are regulated by RNA, which is a copy of DNA; even though the DNA itself may sit quietly in its vault, its active twin is constantly changing instructions.

When you make a lifestyle change that reduces stress, the RNA in your cells responds by churning out fewer stress hormones.

One cannot assume that injecting growth hormone does not have long-term side effects. This may not prove true for older people with abnormally low levels of naturally occurring growth hormone, but for normal people, extra growth hormone is useless for rejuvenation purposes.

Interfering at a gross level with the bodyís function does not really affect the source of the problem. Giving a drug, even one the body produces itself, can effectively push the physiology one way or another, but the body remembers what it wants to do, and until that memory is changed, there will always be imbalance.

Adapted from Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, by Deepak Chopra (Three Rivers Press, 1998).


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Wilde Thange6 years ago

and so if mutations occur in dna in cells throughout the body and all cells are replaced every 7 yrs... but I'd have to say cells do affect the whole as much as the whole affects the cells... as a universal rule... but also singling out a cell is impossible within the system because it is an interdependent system...

Charles G.
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and probably has something to do with genetic changes more than random mutations...

David Erik Barsati

Yes, I hope enough of the good.

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It makes good sense that your outlook and lifestyle will affect your length of life as much as any DNA can.
Get out, grab life by the horn, enjoy it and go to the grave with as few regrets as possible!

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interesting, thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for a very interesting article

Geetha Subramaniam


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I have met some lovely people who accent the positive and who also face racism, discrimination, and danger being single parents or a couple who are people of color, who work 2 jobs and endlessly serve others, their families, their churches. Each of these takes a toll: racism, job discrimination, poverty...I'm not convinced they chose to be poor or to be discriminated against. Life and human beings are complex as pointed out in the article and a couple of responses.

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It all goes back to the same thing: keep a positive attitude! Be kind!