Do You Believe in Santa, Mommy?

Christmas is in 20 days and I am not sure how I want to talk about Santa Claus with my 6-year-old.

On the one hand, I am a ridiculously honest person. In fact, it would probably help my relationships if I were a bit less fastidious about the truth. But on the other hand, it feels wrong to take the mystery and magic of Santa Claus away from sweet little girls.

So what’s the middle ground, and how do I maintain that magic? Is it OK to outright lie about Santa?

So far, I haven’t been able to tell my kids that Santa Claus exists. But they believe. We have read books about Santa, and they’ve visited the jolly fellow in the shopping center. I perpetuate the story by filling their Christmas stockings with goodies, and even eat some of the cookies they leave out. But I’ve never told them that Santa shoots down our chimney into our gas-powered fireplace with loot. And when they ask, I’ve always said, “Well, what do YOU think?”

This year, however, my budding 6-year-old is just getting so canny. I’m sure she’s going to ask me some question that forces me to tip my hand, and I just can’t lie to her. So what will I say if she outright asks me if Santa is real?

I could say that I’m not 100 percent sure, but I do believe in things that I cannot see. Is it possible that there’s a fellow calling himself Santa somewhere in the world, doing the sorts of deeds Santa has been known to do? Absolutely. And for me, that sort of kindness and compassion is perhaps the most wonderful magic in our world. In fact, I could even tell her that Santa could be anyone, and she could even be a Santa herself.

But what do I say if she asks who leaves the gifts and eats the cookies? Maybe I tell her that her dad and I do it because we’re so lucky that we can. Because if we help the real Santa out, he can focus his energy on children who have far less than we do.

But I’m not sure. What would YOU say?

Who Needs Santa Claus?


Aud Nordby
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Deborah Johnston
Deborah Johnston5 years ago

This is not my creation but a FB and I have no idea who to give credit for it.

You asked a really good question, "Are Mom and Dad really Santa?" We know that you want to know the answer and we had to give it careful thought to know just what to say.

The answer is no. We are not Santa. There is no one, single Santa.

We are the people who fill your stockng and choose and wrap the presents under the tree - just as our parents did for us and their parents did for them and you will do for your kids some day,

This could never make any of us Santa, though Santa is lots and lots of people who keep the Spirit of Christmas alive in our hearts - not at the North Pole. Santa is the magic and love and spirit of giving to others. What he does teach children is to believe in something they can't see or touch. Throughout your life you will need this capacity to believe in yourself, in your family, in your friends and in God. You'll need to be able to believe in things you can't measure or hold in your hands.

Now you know the secret of how he gets down all of those chimneys on Christmas Eve: he has help from all of the people whose hearts he has filled with joy.

With full hearts, people like Mommy and Daddy take our turns helping Santa do a job that would be impossible. So no, we are not Santa. Santa is love and magic and hope and happiness. We are on his team, and now you are too.

We love you and always will.

mom and dad

Amber Martingale
Angela Roquemore5 years ago

Jane M.: The day I STOP believing in Santa Claus is the day I buy a gun, buy some ammo, load a single bullet and eat the bullet, because that is the day I know I'm TOO DAMNED OLD TO GO ON LIVING. I'm 34 and I still believe in him. If the USMC as an institution believes in him enough to do their Toys for Tots drive and have one of their own dress like him, that's good enough for me!

Jane Mckenzie
Jane Mckenzie5 years ago

Its a relief that we do not have to pretend Santa is real. Good luck!

Svetlana B.
Svetlana B5 years ago

Thank you

Michele Wilkinson

Thank you

Santa Claus
Santa Claus5 years ago

Dear Hilary: It may interest you and your readers to know that my legal name is Santa Claus. I serve as a volunteer advocate for the 2 million children in the U.S. annually who are abused, neglected, exploited, abandoned, homeless, and institutionalized in our great nation. I'm also a Monk and believe that Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ, not the crass, commercial, secular spectacle it has become in many places, and that the greatest gift one can give is love, not presents. Blessings to all, Santa (TheSanta(im))

Ben Oscarsito
Ben O5 years ago

I believe in Santa Claus, I mean he's coming every christmas, isn't he...???

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