Do You Lead an Unpredictable Life?

Modern life is so full of pressures pushing this way and that that most of us react by trying to impose order upon it. Our society of chaotic forces is thus a society of endless laws and regulations. This isnít surprising, because humans thrive on order and are frightened by disorder. Disorder is unpredictable and out of our control, therefore it makes us feel stressed out.

Almost always these events work themselves out; there is no real harm done to your existence, just minor inconvenience. Yet your nervous system probably reacted very strongly, expressing fear and discomfort when your plans went awry. The problem is that all this struggle, worry, planning, and controlling runs against the grain of life. Life compresses chaos and orderliness together. You cannot have one without the other.

If you want to be in the flow of life, you canít struggle against it at the same time. Therefore the quester after perfection accepts that he is always going to be uncertain, that she is always going to feel off-balance. The role of the disciple is always to stumble but never to fall.

Despite the fact that your ego hates unpredictability, the truth is that you have benefited from it again and again. Your life is already organized within itself. Life flows from life, the bud unfolds into the flower, the child ripens into the adult. Trust in each stage, celebrate it, and allow the next one to come to you effortlessly.

Adapted from The Way of the Wizard: Twenty Spiritual Lessons for Creating the Life You Want, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 1995).


Ana R
ANA MARIJA R5 years ago

Thank you for the article!

tiffany t.
tiffany t5 years ago

entropy embrace it

Danuta Watola
Danuta W5 years ago

Interesting article.

Robert O.
Robert O5 years ago

Very wise, comforting and insightful words. Thank you so much!

Gozde Alp
Gozde Alp5 years ago

ı read interestedly...thank you....

Jack Grabon
Jack Grabon5 years ago

Very well written, Deepak. I like your point that you can't have order without disorder or chaos. We are in need of allowing in disorder more, getting comfortable with discomfort. Improv comedy is a fitting analogy here. Improv requires you to be open to whatever is going on and saying "yes and" to it, a popular maxim in the world of comedy. That means accepting whatever has happened and adding onto it rather than denying or resisting it.

Dot A.
Dot A5 years ago

Life has unfolded in surprising and thankfully 'better' ways than I could have known. So much for predicting and planning,.... I like the idea that it continues to unfold in a positive 'energy' and I allow the 'best - yet, to come.'

Miranda Parkinson

life would be so much easier if we just allowed it to unfold!

Laura V.
Laura V5 years ago

comforting words, thanks.

Charlotte A.
Arthur A5 years ago