Do You Need to Reboot Your Body?

I turn 50 next month. I’ve always been fit and lean, but over the last year or two I began to notice small changes, such as incremental weight gain, loss of strength and creaky joints.

My partner, who’ll be 53 in April, has also experienced ‘scale creep.’ More worrying for her, however, were the early signs of menopause. Plagued by disrupted sleep, brain fog, itchy skin and a complete lack of energy, she felt understandably miserable.

We eat a healthy plant-based diet, exercise regularly, get enough sleep and aren’t stressed, so we were definitely checking the boxes. But in spite of our best efforts, nothing changed.

Then, we came across Ben Greenfield’s book 30 Ways to Reboot Your Body: A Complete User Manual for Getting the Most Out of the Human Body.

“The human body is capable of feeling good, all the time, and achieving amazing feats of physical and mental performance…if you operate it with the proper user’s manual. It’s time to learn how.” —Ben Greenfield

The book’s intro intrigued us and since we had nothing to lose except our muffin tops and disgruntled demeanors, we decided to give it a go.


Essentially, if you want your brain and body to perform optimally, you’ll benefit from doing a full body reboot. The goal isn’t just to look good naked or to run a sub-three marathon, although those are both more than possible with the reboot.

The main reason to reboot your body is to be healthy and live a long time. What you’re after is the ultimate balance of health, performance and longevity. You also don’t have to fall into a certain category to benefit from a reboot.

Whether you’re a 40-year-old triathlete, a 60-year-old marathoner or a young obstacle racer, your performance is going to skyrocket. But you could just as easily be a couch potato, an overworked executive or a middle-aged mom struggling to get through the day, and you’ll get just as much out of it.

We live in a world rife with environmental toxins, it makes sense to give our bodies the best possible chance at being healthy. A full body reboot is the fastest, smartest way to do that.


Ben advocates a three-phase plan to reboot your body. Each phase should ideally be 12 weeks long, although he says you can get away with four weeks if you’re short on time or impatient.

Phase One: Reboot

The first phase has you cleansing the gut, detoxing the liver, fixing the adrenals and more. Similar in protocol to the autoimmune diet, phase one eliminates all inflammatory foods. Some of the things you’ll bid farewell to during this time are bread, grains, nuts, seeds, sugar, alcohol and caffeine.

You also work out less during this phase, as your energy levels are lower and you’re also dealing with detox symptoms. The focus is on low intensity exercise, like walking, Tai Chi, yoga and stretching.

For obvious reasons, it’s the most challenging of the three phases. However, the rewards far outweigh the mental anguish of not being able to indulge in your favorite comfort foods.

Phase Two: Elevate

In phase two it gets a little easier. You introduce new foods, such as ancient grains and organic wine and coffee (yay!) and transition into higher intensity workouts. You’ll learn how to train your brain, consider new sports and even sign up for an event.

Here’s where your efforts begin to pay off and you start feeling better and better.

Phase Three: Vitalize

In the final phase you’ll move, lift, sprint and more. You’ll begin training for stamina, supplementing for performance, getting to grips with recovery and figuring out how to protect your sleep.

You’ll also learn to travel safely, fight electrical pollution and indulge in cheat days. By the end of it, you’ll be superhuman. How awesome is that?


We’re at the tail end of phase one in our reboot and already we’ve seen a ton of benefits. We’re both lighter and more toned thanks to the weight and fat loss. Our digestion is no longer sluggish and the joint pain I was experiencing has diminished considerably.

Best of all, my partner’s menopause symptoms are gone. She’s sleeping like a baby, she no longer has morning brain fog and her itchy skin is a thing of the past. Her cycle has normalized, her body temperature has cooled and her heat sensitivity has dissipated.

We no longer get headaches, wounds heal faster and mouth sores are no more. Our energy levels are on the rise and we’re feeling optimistic about our health.

Rebooting your body isn’t just so you can look great—although that is pretty nice. It’s more about getting your body feeling great and operating well on the inside.

If we’ve experienced so many benefits already, I can only imagine what the second and third phases have in store for us. Why reboot your body? Because you’ll feel amazing, look great and be super healthy. Win, win, win.

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Ruth S
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thanks for sharing

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Clare O'Beara12 months ago

I really have to think that if you were getting slow-healing wounds and mouth sores, you were not well nourished in the first place. Change your toothbrush. Eat protein. Take a good multimineral and multivitamin.

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The liver detoxes itself.

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TY. Interesting.

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I fast every Monday for 36 hours, it does have a benefit, yes the creeping scale is a very real issue, have adjust to the new me but still I am quite content with this change.