Does Your Favorite Product Have Hidden Animal Ingredients?

“A vegan walks into a drugstore…” sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but the difficulty of finding cosmetics and hygiene products that are both cruelty-free and truly vegan is no laughing matter.

For starters, many products that are recommended highly by online reviews or blogs have a hard time fitting the bill. Secondly, the solution is not to just simply throw up your hands and say, “Well, I just won’t wear make up!” As it turns out, there are many non-vegan ingredients lurking in things like lotions and conditioners as well.

Cosmetics from brands like MAC, a company that can’t be considered cruelty-free because their products get tested on animals in China, are considered beauty classics or staples. Their lipstick “Ruby Woo,” for instance, is touted as a favorite lipstick on almost any list you find online. Not only is this not a cruelty-free product, but it also contains carmine— or as I like to call it, crushed up bugs.

 Best Vegan Cosmetics and Skin Care

It turns out that carmine isn’t the only popular ingredient that will take your beauty staples from cool to cruel. PETA has an extensive list of animal ingredients, but here are a few of the most common perpetrators and what products they are used for:


It is illegal to use ambergris, an “intestinal slurry” from the sperm whale, in perfumes in the United States due to the animal’s endagered status; however, the substance is still used in other countries as a fixative in perfumes from luxury houses such as Chanel and Lanvin.


Beeswax is found in everything from lip sticks to lotions. It’s a popular wax in cosmetics, although there are several alternatives. It is made from the honey combs of honey bees. Harvesting the wax or honey can do lasting damage to a hive or come at an ethical cost.


As mentioned earlier, carmine is the colorful byproduct of crushed up female cochineal bugs. It’s also listed on ingredient lists as “Natural Red 4;” however, it can no longer be categorized under the umbrella of “natural dyes” because it causes a severe allergic reaction in some individuals. It is common not only in lipsticks, but other cosmetic products as well as some food products that use red dye.

Casein/Sodium Caseinate

Commonly used in hydrated products such as hair masks or conditioners, sodium caseinate or casein is a protein derived from cow’s milk.


An alcohol present in the fats and oils from animals, cholesterol is also found in the nervous system, blood and egg yolk of animals. It can be found in skin conditioning products.


This ingredient is one of the biggest buzzwords in the anti-aging market. This is largely because the slowing of collagen production is thought to be a culprit for aging and many products advertise an increase in collagen production. It is actually the “most abundant protein in the animal kingdom.” It is used in topical skin lotions as well as cosmetic lip plumpers.


Chances are, this ingredient would knock out half of your bathroom products from the vegan category. While there are now vegetable glycerin alternatives, glycerin is an alcohol that is mostly derived from animal fats. It is found in face washes, soaps, mouthwash, cosmetics and even chewing gum.


This popular ingredient for hair straightening and conditioning treatments is actually derived from the ground up hooves, feathers, horns and hair of various animals.

Lactic Acid

Several acids are used in anti-aging or exfoliating products, and this alpha-hydroxy acid happens to be an animal by-product from milk fermentation. Fortunately, other popular acids such as salicylic, citric and glycolic are all vegan-friendly.


An oil taken from the glands of sheep, lanolin is a widely-used emollient in both cosmetics and skin care products.


Lecithin is a waxy substance found in the nervous system of animals. It also has plant-based derivatives from soybeans. It can be found in cosmetics, lotions, skin care products and some medicines.

Oleic Acid

This is fatty acid that is found in both plants and animals, but it is commonly derived from animal fat or tallow. Oleic acid is found in soap, creams, hair treatments and some foods. There are several vegan alternatives.


Another champion of the anti-aging market, retinol is a synthetic form of vitamin A that is often obtained from fish liver oil, egg yolk or butter. It can also be obtained from lemongrass, wheat germ oil, carotene from carrots or other synthetics. It is found in and abundance anti-aging skincare products.

Vegan and Cruelty Free Products

While it may be heartbreaking to find out that a favorite product isn’t in fact vegan, there are several highly-rated vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic products that make worthy replacements. These classics come recommended from reviewers online as well as beauty bloggers.

Make Up:

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Red Lipstick: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar

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Foundation: Urban Decay Naked Skin

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Mascara: Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara

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Eye shadow: e.l.f Baked Eyeshadow Trio

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Primer: 100% Pure Mattifying Primer


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Face wash: Aqua Marina Face Wash- LUSH

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Anti-aging product: Skyn Iceland Arctic Elixir Serum

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Yves Rocher cosmetics are plant-based, and they are very good.

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