Does Your Pet Have a Nickname?

Elivs was known as “The King” and Barbra Streisand is still sometimes endearingly called “Babs.” It’s great having nicknames for famous people, but how about our pets? Do you call your pet by anything other than his or her given name?

At a young age, I started calling Sanchez “Pumpkin,” as his gorgeous, exceptional Labrador coloring reflected that of a pumpkin. I also live in Half Moon Bay, California,  the pumpkin capital of the world. So, it’s always fun capturing pictures of him with unique pumpkins, such as this gigantic pumpkin that won the annual Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off in 2010.

Gina has two nicknames. I call her “Ms. Wiggly,” because if she’s standing, she’s wiggling. I often joke that her tail is her propeller. She is always so happy and her tail just seems to make her entire body wiggle. Her other nickname is “Banina,” as she goes crazy over bananas. And, well, it helps that it rhymes with Gina.

I’ve also noticed that even though I sometimes mistakenly call Sanchez “Gina” and vice-versa,  I never accidentally call them by each other’s nickname. I love Sanchez, but he is about as far from a Ms. Wiggly as one can get.

How about you? Do you have nicknames for your pets? Do they respond to their nicknames? Thanks for sharing them in a comment below.



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Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe4 years ago

Skitter = Skitter Ditter,
Onyx = On-On
Tuxedo = Tuxie Wuxie
Tippy = Tip Tip
and Ebony = Ebenezer
and they all come when we say their real or nickname - especially for dinner (LOL)!!

Rachel Hartley
Rachel Hartley4 years ago

Yes, Mandy is known as "The Mandysauras" and "Princess Mandy". Benji is known as "Benj-Benj". So basically, my parents and I do nicknames for our family dogs. Mandy is also a dog with ADHD, and a puppy, unlike Benji. Benji's a "Shih Tzu", and Mandy is a Yorkie/Maltese/Poodle mixture, a "Morkie-Poo". I have nothing against designer breeds.

Camelia Bruneski

Each one has a hundred nicknames. And with all the rescues at my parents and the 3 here I'd never finish. And it's always been that way.
You start with Bobandy and then Bo, Boba, Bobandit, Bandit, Bobalicious, Bobalunch etc, etc just to give an example XD

Rosemary H.
Rosemary H4 years ago

Oh yes, indeed! I wanted to give my pets short but dignified and attractive names - hence I had Royal, Pride, Blaze, April, Midnight, Willow, Rowan, and many more. So how did four of the most memorable come to be Billy, Bunny, Filly and Wacky, and the latter even prompted me to call a whole group of birds ‘Wackybirds? ‘

Rosemary H.
Rosemary H4 years ago

Billy the budgie was a childhood pet, years before the ones listed above.. Then we had a Dutch rabbit (we'll call him Bunny till we think of a name) but his nickname 'The Flying Dutchman' suited him. You should have seen how fast he could run round the garden, with flying leaps to land facing the other way round!

Then I found a horse whom I loved for years before she finally became mine. Her previous owners had bought her as a foal (we'll call her Filly till we think of a name) but I did think of a glamorous name for the rare occasions when we made it to shows. Finally there was a little green parrot called Bracken, which got corrupted to Wacky. it suited him. He was a wacky bird indeed, doing any number of wacky things! Thanks to him, I now think of the entire scientific genus of Brotogeris parrots as ‘Wackybirds’!

Jeanne Rogers
Jeanne R4 years ago

Molly was aka: Holy Moly
" " " : CrzMo
" " " : MoMo
" " " : MaMa MoMo
" " " : Blondie
" " " : L'il Big Dog (She was alpha to 4 Rotties, a Collie mix, 2 good sized rescues
" " " : Baby or Baby Bully: she was able to quiet all the dog and kept them in-line
" " " : Mozzie

She always answerd to "Molly" as well as all the other names. A very sweet, savvy loving dog. She always knew that I was the real alpha but she was the best little helper that I ever had. She was the eyes in the back of my head.

Mm M.
MmAway M4 years ago

OF Course...and so much better than the nickname I called my ex hubby!

Vicki vicki
Vicki maitland4 years ago

missy is my missy poo or princess,mary is my snuggle bug and other sweet names.

Caroline Meyer
Caroline Meyer4 years ago

Actual Name- Marley (She is named for Bob because in her life, Everything's Gonna be Alright!)
Breed- Golden Retriever/Duck Tolling Retriever Mix

Marley-Jo-Longbottom Marliss JoJo Pretty Girl Red Dog Little Miss Girl
HoHo Josephina Hoesephina Jo Joeseph Josepha Hosepha Marlena
Cuteso ShuShu Shu Baby Dog

And yes, she will run in from another room to ANY of these. She's not confused. Her mom has ADHD and so does she!