Dog Meat Festival Banned

A 600-year old dog meat festival in eastern China has been banned (WARNING: very disturbing images), potentially saving the lives of 15,000 dogs that would have been eaten during the three day October event. Reportedly, festival goers enjoyed ending the dogs lives, and preparing them to be consumed. If you are a dog lover, you probably don’t want to see the photos from the news source above. They are very disturbing.

Dog eating still takes place in parts of China, and because it has an enormous human population, the number of dogs being consumed could still be very high. However, the fact such a large, public event that is also extremely cruel could be banned speaks to somewhat of a shift in attitude towards canines. As more and more Chinese experience middle class incomes, they are keeping dogs as pets. Some of them had eaten dog meat years ago, but now they are repulsed by the practice. About 120,000 pet dogs live in the city of Shenzen. One local resident, who owns a golden retriever said, “I have eaten dog meat, once when I was young. But now I could never eat dog meat. When others eat dog meat I also tell them they shouldn’t. When you really understand dogs you could never eat their meat. You could never be so cruel to your most loyal friend. ” (Source:

Another reason dogs are becoming seen as pets, rather than food, is the large number of migrant workers who are separated from their families and former communities who experience chronic loneliness. Dogs are filling the emotional and social void for some of these isolated people.

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Alan Haas
Alan H4 years ago

Someone should take that jerkoff Puppy E and throw him on the fire.

Estelle S.
Estelle S4 years ago

Thank God and hope it stays banned......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer V.
Jennifer V4 years ago

One more comment for Puppy E - you belong to mental institute and not to care2 !!!

I agree!

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iveta cer

One more comment for Puppy E - you belong to mental institute and not to care2 !!!

iveta cer

This sick psycho Puppy E should be cooked alive !!! You are so disgusting !!!!!!

Spencer Young
Spencer Young4 years ago

This is great news
The only dogs that should be eaten are hotdogs

Annamarie Molloy
Anna Molloy5 years ago

Wow what a lot of racists on this so-called PC site.

Dee D.
De D5 years ago

That's great news!

Dale Overall

Have to agree with Laurie D, different cultures, different ways. As the world melds together more people from once distant lands are now exposed to the ways of others. With economic progress/more exposure to others the dog will be viewed in a different light. What was once only seen as a food source gradually over time may become a desired pet, but this is gradual and takes time. In western countries dogs and cats are pets and eating them is considered barbaric. Guinea pigs are also pets but in Latin America they are often eaten and rabbit, so cute in many parts of the world is food on the table elsewhere. Frog milk shakes are a beverage in some parts of the world while deep fried rat is sold in Cambodia and bats consumed in parts of Africa/Asia.. Even more unsettling combinations to the western mind can be found searching under 'bizarre foods of the world'. Others eat wriggling, plump grubs or earth worms for protein. While pork is often eaten in the west elsewhere it is vile, unclean. Vegetarians either avoid some meat but some will eat fish, eggs, chicken while vegans avoid all animal products and even honey. Others eat meat, poultry and fish. Also, durian fruit is relished by some while banned in airports and hotels as it stinks like rotting socks. Depends on location, culture.

Natasha Salgado
Past Member 5 years ago

My heart is beating so fast as soon i saw this heartbreaking headline. How can people eat these wonderfull beautifull dogs and usually have a festival celebrating this crime. Of animal cases i come across daily,the cat and dog meat industry is the toughest for me. I have nightmares about this meat industry and i've seen the horrific pictures and a few minutes of video in the past but i can never watch footage of this epedemic again. Not religious but i will keep praying for these cats&dogs.