Dog Helps Save Drowning Cat

We’re used to the expression “they’re fighting like cats and dogs.” But Chloe, a 22-pound pug, and Willow, her Siamese cat sister, challenged that old dog-and-cat-rivalry stereotype last week when one helped save the other’s life.

The duo’s parents, Amanda and Ron Bjelland, walked their pets as usual to pick up the morning newspaper. When they returned to the house, Chloe followed her owners inside, while Willow stayed back to explore in the backyard.

About five minutes later, Chloe started crying at the glass door leading to the back yard. Bjelland let the dog out, but Chloe’s barking and crying persisted.

Eventually Bjelland heeded Chloe’s alarm and followed the dog to the family’s koi pond, where they found Willow struggling to escape the frigid waters. She had fallen through a hole in the ice-covered pond. Her owners surmise that she may have been in the freezing water for up to twenty minutes.

Her owner rescued the shivering cat and rushed her into the house to warm her up, and Chloe was rewarded for her vigilance with a special bone. Good job Chloe!

Willow and Chloe were already eating, playing and napping together before the incident. Now they are even closer.

Do you have any of your own stories about cats and dogs getting along?

Source: The Dickinson Press.


Peggy B
Peggy B11 months ago

Awww bless

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One Heart inc
One Heart inc12 months ago

Information is good!!!!

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Glennis Whitney
Glennis W2 years ago

You are a champion Chloe, the wonder dog for saving Willow's life, such a lovely story.

Glennis Whitney
Glennis W2 years ago

Such a wonderful story, thank you for sharing, great doggie Chloe for saving Willow, friends forever.

Mary Cromley
.3 years ago

Great story.

Val M.
Val M3 years ago

After my dog had an operation to remove cancerous growths, my cat curled up with her and purred her to sleep each night :-)

Lydia S.
Lydia S3 years ago

Great story !

Thank you .

Kathryn Mitchell
Kathryn Mitchell3 years ago

Good doggy! I bet they're really good friends now! Nice story...