Dogs Wear Costumes to Raise Awareness

Halloween came a week early for some pets in the Philippines. It was all part of an effort by animal welfare activists to raise awareness about the proper way to treat a pet.


.4 years ago

thank you for sharing

Cinzia B.
Cynthia B6 years ago

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Holy Lawrence
Holly Lawrence6 years ago

Good cause or not - dogs should not wear costumes, how terribly cruel!

Cassie Marcks
Cassie Marcks6 years ago

thank you

Lori E.
Lori E6 years ago

The sound didn't work, but I think it's a great idea to do something like this especially in countries that don't treat dogs well at all.

Kate Kenner
Kate Kenner6 years ago

An interesting segue from the post 'are costumes cute or cruel'. If it work and people learn about being better guardians then so be it. Costumes are not always cruel. If the dog is happy (it is usually dogs) and the costume is not confining and over the top then I can not object. Dogs wear coats and other outer clothing and there isn't always much of a difference. Tow of my dogs get cold in the winter and they have coats and fleeces. dogs wear boots to protect their feet too. Sure costumes are for the people but if the animals are not uncomfortable then what is the fuss?

Helle H.
Helle H6 years ago

Strange way to show how to treat a pet in a prober way.

Karen F.
karen Friedman6 years ago

It's a positive way to reach many people who wouldn't otherwise be aware of proper care. Not sure if they eat dogs in the Philippines any more, but if dressing a dog or cat up helps bring awareness against animal animal abuse, maybe this would help .

D. T.
D. T.6 years ago

Wonderful way to bring awareness to people!!

Isabel Araujo
Isabel Araujo6 years ago

I don't like pets in costumes, but if it is for a good cause, I think an exception can be made. Thank you.